Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 28+3 days
Month: 7
Trimester: 3
Fetus Age: 26 weeks
Heartbeat: 141
Time to Go: 80 days
Size: Empire State Building
Time til 4D Scan: 2 days
Days til I hit 30: That'd be today

Yup, today I am 30. And I'm not freaking out. Mainly because it's just a number, right? I'm married, I've had some career achievements, I have a child and another on the way, I'm reasonably well travelled, I have an education and I have a roof over my head and wheels to get me around.

So I'm happy. Or at least, I'm thankful for what I've got.

Hehe, maybe I'll blog later and see how much my opinion changes in 24 hours. Turning 30? Bring it on!!
Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 28+0 days
Month: 7
Trimester: 3
Fetus Age: 26 weeks
Heartbeat: 140 summat
Time to Go: 83 days
Size: Leaning Tower of Pisa
Time til 4D Scan: 6 days
Days til I hit 30: TWO. TWO days and I'm thirty. Uh, whoop.

We are inconclusive. Noah has been to the docs, had everything checked (including the mysterious rash that had appeared on his neck in the space of 3 hours), inside his ears are slightly red but not inflamed, chest and throat clear, still has a slight temperature and we have to keep an eye on the rash (which was almost gone by the time he went to bed, 2 hours later).

The most we can get? Viral infection. That classic answer when no one AT ALL knows what the hell is wrong. But you know, that's ok. People have offered up a million different answers to what is wrong, which is fair enough. But at the end of the day, I couldn't give a monkeys to what's wrong, I just want my little guy better.

It's been such a shitty run of illnesses for him, and I know everyone (worldwide) is doing every sick bug under the sun at the mo. But I just want him to catch a break; long enough for him to not deal with F.O.F. or non-stop coughing or mysterious rashes which come and go in the blink of an eye.

So now, we just keep the Calpol to hand, and always be ready with a large stash of cuddles and burpess and dummies).

In other news, my SPD is now so chronic, Physiotherapist #3 is BOOKING ME IN for weekly appointments now. I think it may have something to do with the fact that on Monday my hips were misaligned by about two inches. Also, one side of my pelvis at the front had shifted out of place by about an inch, maybe an inch and a half. And people think I'm shitting them when I say it hurts to do anything.

I'd gotten to the point where my crutches (yes, from my pregnancy with Noah, which I may have neglected to return) were pretty useless, and every movement left me with tears in my eyes. Not my scene.

So she did her magic manipulation (after marvelling about it with a student, which made me laugh, maybe cos I was proud to be such a fine example?) and mother of god yes it hurt while she did it, but I can walk faster than a snail now, which is helpful. I'm sad that Noah wants to be picked up, like any little boy would, and I can barely do it; this breaks my heart, but I'd rather I cry with pain than have him cry because his mom won't cuddle him, ya know? How's the kid to understand?

So fingers crossed, SPD won't necessarily get better, but hopefully we can keep it under better control. I'm thinking of having Phys. #3 move into our house.

I have to say, I'm REALLLLLLLLY looking forward to the 4d scan on Monday; I feel like T.O.O. has barely had any attention already, and that's why it spends more time than Noah did making sure it kicks the living crap out of my system. Have you ever been lying on your side, and been kicked so hard from the inside you actually roll over? It's very surreal. We won't be finding out the gender, but needless to say I will probably spend hours scanning the dvd afterwards for any clues that only an amateur would pick up on.

I'm NOT looking forward to the GTT on Tuesday, as the last thing I could do with is another "told you so" from the medical world (especially after how much I adore them already). But hey, they wanna do their tests which is fair enough. I will not say "told you so" if everything comes back normal. Also I will not be pissed off if everything goes pear shaped.*

Another thing I AM looking forward to is a trip down to the south coast at the start of Feb; I'm going to see a friend who I've never met in person. We've spoken many times, and I first got in touch with him by texting him pics of Noah to compare to his own newborn and offering some breastfeeding advice this time last year.

He has no newborn, and I'm hoping to sweet lord in heaven that he does not breastfeed his 2 twenty-something sons.**

I'm going down on my own, without Noah or D, and staying in a hotel on the coast; and I'm excited because it's going to be 2 days of just me. It sounds so selfish, and I know I'll feel a little bit guilty while I'm down there, but this will be the first real break from everything in what feels like an eternity. And it's a break I need, hopefully just to put my head back on the right way round for a little while. Maybe escape some of this endless flying poop.

*Both of these statements are of course blatant lies.
**I hasten to add I thought I was texting someone else, until he politely told me I'd got the wrong number. (EPIC FAIL).
Thanks to so many of you who asked about Noah and/or sent us your well wishes, I really, really appreciate it.

This morning Noah's temp was still up, and while round his grandparents he was rejecting most food and all fluids. He spent most of the day going in and out of sleep on his Grandparents laps, not doing much at all.

So. Not. Noah.

However, since he's been home he's perked up a little. We've had a Code Brown (that's my boy) which appeared to make room for a tiny bit of food and he's guzzled some water. He's gone to bed quietly, without his narcotic fix, still running a slight temp, but better than before.

Dr's tomorrow pm, hoping it's nothing serious.
Noah has a fever. This morning we took him swimming as usual. This is shortly after I said "God he feels hot doesn't he?". No shit, Sherlock. So we took him swimming. He was great as ever, doing every single task without batting an eyelid, and doing stuff that our instructor keeps saying only the toddlers in the advanced groups are doing.

I'm always so proud of him when we're swimming. I'm so proud of him anyways.

In the car, he fell asleep after only 2 minutes of the engine being on, and once home he slept for three and a half hours straight. He barely ate when he woke up, but drank like a fish. I don't normally panic over the food thing, I know he can be fussy sometimes, it's what babies do. That's ok.

But when 2 hours later, he still wasn't interested in food and still felt like a furnace, I was feeling pretty bad for him and for my own stupidity for ignoring his heat this morning. He spent the afternoon wobbling backwards and forwards between me and his dad, plopping himself on our laps only to stare blankly at the tv. He barely perked up, laughing only occasionally at the odd tickle or toy (or fart or burp, which I know is inappropriate but god he's so funny).

We took his temp like clumsy confused parents, and it was high. Like, 38°c high. The dumb batteries in the thermometer are dying so we haven't got an accurate reading, but the screen flashes red and is always above 38°c every time, at one point reading 38.9°c. I very nearly wet myself.

He's in bed now, having had the usual doses of Calpol. He's had some throughout the day, and there's been no change. I've checked him all over for rashes and whatever. I've spoken to my mum who's obviously given some good advice, and it's all pretty much what we're already doing. I know there's nothing else to do at this point apart from to keep the Calpol going and monitor his temp.

But it's always so much harder to remain calm when it's your own you know? That silent panic. It just ain't fun at all.
Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 27+3 days
Month: 7
Trimester: 3
Fetus Age: 26 weeks
Heartbeat: Fast
Time to Go: 87 days
Size: Amoeba
Time til 4D Scan: 9 days

And yet somehow, my weight gain is still (albeit marginally) lower than this stage with Noah. And as someone on Facebook pointed out, I'm well on my way to my 5-a-Day, right?

I spoke to Snr MW#2 today, Snr MW#1 was unavailable. But that was ok, because Snr MW#2 also happened to be in charge of Risk Assessment in labour and delivery, and a VERY VERY VERY nice person. Who was full of respect. And DIDN'T talk to me like some dumb ignorant whore who didn't know any better.

She's going to relay everything I said to Snr MW#1 and try to request me a different MW, as well as "have a chat" with my MW.

We'll see what happens, but at this stage I'm VERY pleased and finally starting to feel reassured about the birth again. I confess I was starting to get really apprehensive about it all, and even though I had no intentions of giving in, I sure as hell wasn't feeling very confident in myself or anyone else.

On a lighter note, Noah has demonstrated utter extreme cuteness lately; he has this book with loads of pictures of animals and farm stuff. Ask him to point to the cat or the duck on any page and he'll find it (which means he's actually sitting still long enough for that to happen!). Mention Archie (our cat) and he'll bring you her doughnut bed (which isn't so great because it's plastered with fur) or he'll shout at the cat. "Ah! Ah! AH! ....*point* AHH!"

Also, he's started trying to say "duck" (which comes out "a-duh") and does the duck actions for a song I sing to him (his fat little hands waving and clenching); only he does it with this sly awesome grin on his face, like he knows how cute he is. Ahw man, he's such a dude.
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Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 27+0 days
Month: 7
Trimester: 3 (what the freaking fuckity fuck?)
Fetus Age: 25 weeks
Heartbeat: Dunno, useless MW# 9,022 didn't tell me
Time to Go: 90 days
Size: Dot
Time til 4D Scan: 12 days

You know all about this button that I'm going to push, right? Nooo not that button, which I still haven't pushed by the way, I mean THIS button.

Well it seems there are people who don't understand my desire to push the frigging button, and therefore push my buttons, which, well, just makes me want to bitch slap them.

Allow me to explain, because that barely even made sense to me.

Midwife appt today, and MW#2, or possibly 17 (lost count, it was the one who dealt with me when preg with Noah) was there along with a trainee. I have no major issues with MW#2, apart from that every so often she may say little things that niggle me a bit. Today she niggled me a LOT.

Trainee MW#n: You want another home birth, yeah?

Me: Ideally; Noah's birth went so well and hospitals freak me out a bit so...

MW#2: Ah but you still had to go into hospital after all of that didn't you? Ha ha!!

Which meant I then had to explain the tearing situation to Trainee while MW#2 (to me) looked quite smug. Hmm, thanks bitch, that's just what I need. MW#3 wanted the job done properly. The end. Get over yourself, biatch.

It's not the first time she's said that, so I'm kinda used to it (though I shouldn't have to be) so I let it go. Unfortunately she seemed to be on a roll today.

Trainee MW#n: Noah was a big baby, yeah?

Me: Yup!! Just shy of 11lbs.

TMW: And you had him at home?

Me: Yup!! (whilst climbing on to bed to be checked) Waterbirth and it was brilliant, would like to do it again.

T: Great!

MW#2: Yeah there's NO WAY she'd have given birth at home without the pool, it would definitely have been shoulder dystocia, it just wouldn't have been successful.

...wtf? Bitch, what the hell did you just say? With me in the room? Are you ragging me up for real?? I appreciate Noah was big, potential problems, yaddah yaddah, but what the fuck? Where the hell is the support that I deserve? Do you have any idea what the hell you're saying? And do you have a fucking clue that saying shit like that, with me IN THE ROOM, is a sure fire way to make me want to have a home birth even more???!

Freaking stupid whore.

She pissed me off immensely with her attitude and extremely unsupportive self, and I would be less bothered had she made the comment to me directly with no one else in the room. But no, this is the attitude she chooses to spread amongst TRAINEES, fer fucks sake. I'm mostly pissed off with her lack of support. Yes I KNOW there are dangers (as with EVERY frigging labour). Yes I KNOW it could be another big one (even though nobody really knows idea what size it will be). Yes I KNOW I'll have to go in if something goes wrong (what do you take me for? A brainless gibbering dumbass without a clue?) At the end of the day, bitch, I did it, didn't I? And there were no serious complications? In fact, bitch, were you even there??

I twittered about it and had a great response about what to do:

cosmicgirlie: Midwife totally has me wound up today. Thinking about bitch slapping her, but that would be bad. Right?

kirstymorrisuk: depends if you film yourself doing it, then post it to YouTube whilst laughing your tits off. That would then be bad :D

cg: ...is it wrong that I like that idea? (or at the very least, it really made me laugh?)

kmuk: What can I say - I am a Muse to Disorder, Chaos and General Mischief. Miss Loki to the man on the street. Go on, do it... ;)

cg: You have NO IDEA how tempting it is. I might even add roaring flames as a background or something.

kmuk: I can see it now YOU: Mwahahaha, I'll teach u how to breath properly (*slapping midwife hard across the face*) MIDWIFE: Ouch.

cg: Damn...I'm gonna have to make this into some kind of screen play...

kmuk: Working Title "Attack of the Bitchwives" :D

And then I spoke to my mother (also a midwife) who advised that I ask to speak to a Supervisor Midwife about the situation, and request her at the birth. It's a tough call but the tiny sensible part says I should do that.

But let it be known, that if I have no joy, then screenplay it is. To be performed in the next month or so.
Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 26+6 days
Month: 7
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 25 weeks
Heartbeat: Somewhere between 136 and 171. Your choice.
Time to Go: 91 days
Size: It's a midget gem. Honest.
Time til 4D Scan: 13 days

It didn't work. IT DID NOT WORK people. My hair is still very much black. But you know, when you look at it, with the sun about 6 inches from my head, and only at the frizzy bits around the front, then yeah! Sure! It's a shade of, um, maybe reddish-brown.

Weelllll...ok, there's a hint of brown all over, but seriously, I have to be in the sun or light has to be skimming off my head (literally) to see any difference. But that's ok! I'm going to try it again soon; I left the Henna on for about 2½ hours, but want to leave it on for at least 5 next time. I point blank REFUSE to apply bleach to my hair; took me this long to get any hair back on my head sans chemicals, I'm hoping to keep it that way!!

So, er, I'll be trying that one again soon.

On another subject, I would just like to discuss something wonderful and fabulous. But possibly a potential problem and flaw.

I have the best. Boobs. EVER.


As in, if I was some kind of whore, I would wear a ridiculously low cut top and then jiggle your face in them, whether you requested it or not. Because ah gat BOOOOOOOOOBS. I've managed to go from a sort of semi saggy pre-preg 34DD (whenever the hell that was) to pert, fully loaded 36F. These puppies are just AWESOME. And if I have success with breasfeeding again, I may just reach hard core porn star proportions.

I realise I'll be eating these words this time next year, when I've (possibly) stopped breastfeeding and the boobs can happily converse with my knees, but for now, I DON'T CARE!!! !HAHA HAAAA!!!A!111!!!!1!!1!!

But yeah there's already a down side. Back ache? Nope. (As if I'm even going to notice that now with the endearing constant crotch pain.) Unwanted attention? As if. (no one can see them past the bump anyway.)

It's bras. There are no decent bras people. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that there are plenty of bras in my size, but show me a bra, with NO underwire, that seriously does NOT remind you of your granny. Way back. In her hey day.

Yes I KNOW there are SOME nice bras out there, and many thanks to D for treating me to "Age of Allure" and "Sinfully Sweet Seductress" bras from HotMilk (which are just GORGEOUS), but the bra bar has now been set. No granny bras. I want sexy-ass, in yer face, "I am drop dead gorgeous" bras. Alluring and Seductive bras, good people. Your mission - FIND BRAS.

The puppies deserve the best that they can get. You wouldn't put a royal corgi in any old kennel, now, would you?
Have you all been waiting anxiously on the edge of your seats? Are you all totally wrapped up in my life and Noah's, wondering what the outcome was? Can you barely contain yourselves?

Ok maybe not, but I'll let you know what's going on anyway.

We have had 2, count them - TWO - nights of cough-less sleep. At this point, I would like to exclaim that Julie, is a freaking LEGEND. We've left it at just having the radiator turned down, as she advised, and have given up with everything else. Last night he was so quiet, I still couldn't sleep thinking he'd stopped breathing or something, I'd never heard it so quiet.


I'm still not feeling too cocky or smug, as I know it's still early days. And of course, we now have another increase in F.O.F, which I had hoped was done and dusted. It would seem not, to the point where you reeeeeeally have to wipe it straight away, lest you should have your furniture coated in it.

Think Ghostbusters where that Slimer ghost plasters everything with "ectoplasm", aka, snot.

However, he is now in his cot, having coughed for all of 3 minutes (which I'll allow) and has been quiet since.

I'm also very pleased to note that Poopgate no longer seems to be an issue, and if I wasn't feeling so smug about that I would happily mail the rest of my Fibresure to Soapbox Diva. But I'm not that smug.

And since I'm reporting news, I'm overly pleased to announce that my crotch has officially fallen apart. The SPD is back with a vengeance, and I have sciatic pains in both hips and my right butt cheek. I can no longer sleep on my left for more than 20 minutes at a time (great for getting plenty of sleep HAH) and I walk like I've been kicked in the crotch. Which, I suspect, is exactly what SPD must be like.

You know what's really gross? Is to be walking around, carrying your 72lb child, and your bump, with a feeling of your pelvis and hips all having dislocated themselves from each other. It's a curious feeling, I don't think I like it very much. I kind of expect my leg to fall off or something; you remember those dolls as a kid where you could pull the leg off really easily, but it was a bitch to get it back on again?



Uh, ok.

*Moving swiftly on*

I've decided to dye my hair. I'm using Lush Henna in a strange attempt to "play it safe", in that I didn't want to use chemicals in my hair. So yeah, I went for Caca Rouge, the brightest one. My logic is that my hair is black and therefore colour will barely show up. I'm sat here with it gunked on my head, wrapped in cling film, a t-shirt and a towel.

The best part?

Me (to D): You know, wiping this stuff out of my ears looks like wiping my ass.

I'm so classy.
Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 26+1 day
Month: 7
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 24 weeks
Heartbeat: Given the movement, I would say yes.
Time to Go: 96
Size: A teeny, tiny, miniscule pea.
Time til 4D Scan: 18 days

D and I discussed at length what the hell could be causing Noah's cough. I had a brilliant email from a friend who's little girl, same age as Noah, was doing EXACTLY the same thing; barely any coughing in the day, shit loads at night, not even really waking up, cough medicines doing shit all etc, and she suggested something. So last night, I tried it. Turn down/off the radiator.

Was feeling pretty smug for the first hour or two. And then the coughing began. Again. For Christ's sake.

We've dusted, hoovered, changed sheets, got an ionizer, the works. There was no way this Bitch Ass cough was gonna get us now. Put him down for his nap today... aaaaaand he coughed so bad, I actually ran up the stairs (I haven't run anywhere for a good few months now, it's not physically possible - or so I thought), petrified he was going to choke to death. I scooped him up, wrapped him in his blanket, and for the first time in about 7 months, we slept for an hour on the bed. He barely coughed.

So tonight we tried again. Turned his radiator down again, changed the sheets again, calpol vapour thingy again, but this time, we put him with his head at the other end of the cot. Away from the wall, away from the radiator. We haven't heard a peep from him yet.

Now, I know you're all thinking "PHEW!" and quite possibly breathing a sigh of relief. That is, right up until I just nipped upstairs to check he was still alive (since he was being so quiet), only to find him in his original position. He'd turn himself around. And he still isn't coughing.

I don't know if it's possible, but I wonder if even in his sleep, he's still smug.
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Took him to the docs today, told it could be a viral infection, he may have an ear infection, here's a prescription but don't "cash it in" yet. Ride the wave, it'll last about 4 weeks.

Oh good.

And for those of you who are wondering about my Poopgate situation, you needn't worry. It's time to cut down on the Fibresure.

Because I know you were all overly concerned and stuff, right?
Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 25+6 days
Month: 7 (what happened to months 1-6?)
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 24 weeks
Heartbeat: A number.
Time to Go: 98. Oh. My. Freaking. God. That's gotta be so very wrong.
Size: A cheetah? No, wait, a LION.
Time til 4D Scan: 20 days

Noah is still coughing. He's doing that excess F.O.F. thing again, he's currently in bed and has been coughing for the last...2 hours-ish, on and off. He's had medicine, I've dusted his room, D hoovered it, he has a vapour thingie going, Vicks on his chest and he's still coughing. I feel bad now for not doing something sooner.

I have some options. Call NHS direct (who are utterly UTTELY shit) and ask for their advice. I don't favour this option. I could create a huge fuss and take him to hospital right now. I don't like this option either but it's the most appealing, oddly enough. Or I could be sensible option: keep an eye on him and book him a doc's appointment in the morning. I don't like this one either, but I know it's probably going to be the smartest thing to do.

The por kid is now hoarse with all the coughing, and I know I won't sleep tonight for listening to him hoping to god that he's ok. I feel a bit (like, SERIOUSLY) shit for not doing something weeks ago, when all this illness started, but I guess I hoped he would have been over it by now. And I keep saying the same thing, day after day.

He was really shit today, denying most food, not drinking/guzzling water like he usually does, and doing that "I just wanna cuddle on your lap in front of the tv" thing because he's too exhausted and crappy to play. I feel even MORE shit because I'm so tired and have lost my rag so many times today. D is ill too (though I'm not sure with what...maybe some kind of stomach bug, from eating out of date yoghurt. I'm a miserable bitch, I have little/no sympathy) so I'm even more crotchety.

I would just like to point out that my reasons for being so crotchety with people who are ill at the moment is because I FEEL LIKE SHIT TOO DAMMIT but ya know, I try to keep plugging on. And I'd like my medal now please.

Which leads me on to wondering if there's something else I should finally sort out. I have to confess I have seriously contemplated going back on anti-depressants once T.O.O. is born. I'm hoping to god this madness with me is just the insane run of ridiculous preggo hormones. And that within minutes of T.O.O. being born, I'll be the happiest, most relatively normal person alive. (There really is nothing wrong with wishful thinking. I do, however, appreciate that sometimes there's a line of "realism" to be drawn. Doesn't mean I'll adhere to it.)

Flipping from "Sweetness & Light" to "Crazed Out Psycho Bitch Hormone Queen" gets to be pretty dull after a while. I can see how some lovely ladies thrive on it, but I'm thinking I'm not a fan, ya know?

Unfortunately, my last experience with anti-d's left me gaining about 3 stone in weight, vaguely being able to remember only 1-3 days in any week, and a short (but VERY vivid) stint in a mental care home. I'm not sure what put me off that place; maybe it was the bars on the windows..maybe it was the cameras everywhere...perhaps it was being searched daily for sharp and dangerous objects...it could well have been the other residents who liked to tell me some, uh, very uncomfortable things.

I'm hoping you can sense my reluctance.

Should I do the "wait and see" or "get my butt in gear"? I hate making decisions like these, especially when I often spend so much time wondering what the outcome had I chosen differently. *tsk*
Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 25+4 days
Month: 6
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 24 weeks
Heartbeat: Yes it's there. I would assume.
Time to Go: 100 days (Uh?)
Size: Panther. Puma. Which ever is bigger.
Time til 4D Scan: 22 days

Without even seeing yesterday's post, my big bro and his lovely missus gave me this today:

Sooooo...is someone trying to tell me something? Is it cos I is black?

You obviously know I'm going to wear this with pride, right?

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Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 25+3 days
Month: 6
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 24 weeks
Heartbeat: If it keeps still long enough for me to find it, I'll let you know.
Time to Go: 101 days
Size: Leopard
Time til 4D Scan: 23 days

D (to Noah, whilst watching Imagination Movers): Look Noah, it's Nig Nog!

Me: Um, D? Babe? It's Knit Knots. And please don't teach Noah to say what you just said... it's considered a little offensive to some black people. Like, they wouldn't be very pleased.

D: Is it? Oops...


Book - Your Pregnancy Week By Week: "Although entonox readily crosses the placenta, it is eliminated from your body and the baby's body very rapidly, causing no adverse effects, so you do not have to worry that your baby will be delivered laughing or on a high."

Me: Worry? That would be fricking awesome!


Me (at Noah's photo shoot): Hey! I know, I'll lie down on my front to get him to look towards the camera.

Me (realising I'm 6 months pregnant growing a giant: Uh...I can't believe I just said that.
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Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 25+1 day
Month: 6
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 23 weeks
Heartbeat: 151
Time to Go: 103 days
Size: A larger cat (Tiger?)
Time til 4D Scan: 25 days

The last few days have been strangely great. I'm fighting evil pregnancy hormones like nothing I've ever seen (sometimes I think manic depression doesn't even compare), I'm now on no sleep (thanks to The Other One who has limbs like lead weights and Noah still coughing up the remains of his poor lungs) and my crotch is reliving the fantasy tale of SPD, at full force.

But above all of that, I've enjoyed Noah so much, he's been brilliant. He's such a laugh and is enjoying his new toys so much. Yesterday at Tickety Boo they sang Happy Birthday to him which was really sweet (even though he had no clue what was going on of course) and D was there too which was nice.

At his photoshoot he was his usual "Screw you if you think I'm going to sit still for more than 3 seconds" self, which made it even more fun; but having seen some of the pics already, I'm so pleased with what Anthony has taken, and the work Your Big Day have done on them. I NEVER get emotional over stuff like that, and I actually got goose bumps looking at them. Goose bumps people. I didn't even know my body could produce them (cold, heartless woman that I am).

A sneak preview:

We had sooo much fun and Noah was just hilarious, trying to keep him still long enough to get ONE picture. And amazingly he was sooooo well behaved, no tantrums (despite the fact that he was pretty worn out by this point).

At home he ripped open a million more presents:

And devoured a considerable amount of food:

As well as having a play in the snow.

An awesome string of days, for an awesome kid. I can't wait to do it again.
You're a pretty awesome kid. Can't wait to see you become even more awesome (if that's possible).

Love you always.

Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 24+6 days
Month: 6
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 23 weeks
Heartbeat: 143
Time to Go: 105 days
Size: The cat.
Time til 4D Scan: 27 days

No seriously, cos it's so funny, yeh, look at what I was doing this time last year.


So anyway, it's Noah's birthday tomorrow, and I'm a lot more excited and happy about it than I thought I would be. D's taking the day off, he's got loads of presents to open and he had a "mini party" on Saturday thanks to his grandparents (for which I am VERY thankful). Tomorrow morning he's off to Tickety Boo and in the afternoon he's set up for an awesome photoshoot with Your Big Day. He's still poorly but surprisingly in high spirits.

It's gonna be a good week (PLEASE GOD let it be a good week).

And I'm hoping you've haven't noticed the pictures that I'm yet to post.
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I just discovered that I'm fourth when you google Mouldy Mocha Pots. Don't even need to use quote marks.

I feel oddly proud. And no, I'm not going to discuss how I found that one out.
Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 24+3 days
Month: 6 (you know I just saw this and shat myself)
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 22 weeks
Heartbeat: 152
Time to Go: 108 days
Size: My head. Approx.
Time til 4D Scan: 30 days

Can I start by stating the obvious - Happy New Year and all that.

Next, I'm typing this on the beautiful iMac, and haven't got a clue about half the editing/keyboard shortcuts/layouts and so there may be questionable things every where.


Not forgetting - Poopgate reigns on (I write about poop merely to remind myself of what it is and maybe how to do it. Uncannily, the same vein in which having sex seems to fall).

As well, I've just realised how very wrong it is to have poop and sex in the same discussion.

Reminder: Noah still has Excess F.O.F., and has decided to go find himself a lovely cough (which means roughly 3-5 hours of non stop coughing at night, which breaks my heart for him), and we're taking a trip to the lovely doctors this afternoon to find out why he (Noah, not the doctor) gets pleasure from trying to shove his fist as far as possible into his right ear. Ear infection? Cold stuff? Trying to scratch brain? Who knows.

Additionally, I'm following loads of blogs lately, which is loads of fun and VERY interesting (with some awesome blog titles too); if you want to be included in the links on the left, please do let me have your blog address so I can stick it in there.

Incidentally, last month was the first month where I posted more than 11 blog entries. I have no idea why this has occurred, and there was no particular reason for blogging no more than 11 entries a month.

I was having a look back over what I was doing this time last year and can't believe it's actually been a year now. Needless to say one of my new years resolutions is to NOT be pregnant next Christmas; I will in fact probably still be in hospital but only because I will have dunk myself into oblivion. I'm not an alcoholic, by any means, but I feel I'm owed something, you know?

I'm very pleased to announce that the house is no longer on the market with super crappy estate agents, and we've got some new agents coming to look at the house next Monday. Unfortunately, it does mean we're having to seriously consider the fact that we may still be here when T.O.O. is born; something we were obviously hoping was not going to be the case. We've worked out that if it's the same size as Noah, we may be able to last 3 months with it (her - once again I think it's a girl) in our room, like until it outgrows the moses basket (hah), and we expect it'll end up in the travel cot at the foot of our bed soon enough.

It's ok! We can cope. But seriously, if anyone would like to buy our house, like, yesterday, we'd really appreciate it, ya know?

I'm also still set on a home birth, even with the words of the registrar ringing in my ears (whom I will never forgive for saying that my weight gain had been too much, even though most of it was Noah - what the hell am I to do, bitch? Starve the being growing inside me? You wanna argue with it, be my guest, but don't send me on all your guilt trippy crap. Now get the hell out my face while I finish my McDonalds, dammit). I've got what feels like tests coming out of my ears - blood tests at 25w, 4d scan at 28w, GTT test at 28w, growth scan at 35w. I can't wait to see the results of all of those. *smirk*