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So I'm just gonna eeeeeeeease my way right back in and pretend I haven't been missing for a month...

Omg so much has been going on. Not quite sure how I'm going to post it all, but I'll start and see how long I can keep going before I fall for some desperately needed sleep.

We went to Jamaica! Noah met his Great Grandfather which was really cool; Granddad bless him had no idea of Noah's existance, so bless his 86 year old cotton socks, it took him a little while to cotton on to what the heck was going on. He was chuffed to bits though, and Noah was great.

Jamaica itself was ok (wtf? I hear you cry, but wait, just hear me out). First of all, it doesn't help when everyone says "oh and make sure you RELAX". See, people forget that if you have your baby with you, then you're still being a mother, and mothers never relax as long as baby is awake (as far as I'm concerned). So as D and I put it, it was a nice 7 days spent in a beautiful location.

Noah THOROUGHLY enjoyed his first ever swim in the sea.

Think he was quite shattered by the end of it though.

" will pay for this."

Noah has also started solids - my GOD what a nightmare and exciting event all rolled in to one. He licked custard off my finger while round at the grandparents for dinner when we got back from Jamaica. Since then he's had pear, banana, sweet potato, carrot, broccoli (sp?) apple and mango.

Turns out he could be allergic to bananas.


And there we end for now! He's woken up, starving as ever.

See? Blame him for me not being able to post.
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