Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 25+3 days
Month: 6
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 24 weeks
Heartbeat: If it keeps still long enough for me to find it, I'll let you know.
Time to Go: 101 days
Size: Leopard
Time til 4D Scan: 23 days

D (to Noah, whilst watching Imagination Movers): Look Noah, it's Nig Nog!

Me: Um, D? Babe? It's Knit Knots. And please don't teach Noah to say what you just said... it's considered a little offensive to some black people. Like, they wouldn't be very pleased.

D: Is it? Oops...


Book - Your Pregnancy Week By Week: "Although entonox readily crosses the placenta, it is eliminated from your body and the baby's body very rapidly, causing no adverse effects, so you do not have to worry that your baby will be delivered laughing or on a high."

Me: Worry? That would be fricking awesome!


Me (at Noah's photo shoot): Hey! I know, I'll lie down on my front to get him to look towards the camera.

Me (realising I'm 6 months pregnant growing a giant: Uh...I can't believe I just said that.