Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 26+6 days
Month: 7
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 25 weeks
Heartbeat: Somewhere between 136 and 171. Your choice.
Time to Go: 91 days
Size: It's a midget gem. Honest.
Time til 4D Scan: 13 days

It didn't work. IT DID NOT WORK people. My hair is still very much black. But you know, when you look at it, with the sun about 6 inches from my head, and only at the frizzy bits around the front, then yeah! Sure! It's a shade of, um, maybe reddish-brown.

Weelllll...ok, there's a hint of brown all over, but seriously, I have to be in the sun or light has to be skimming off my head (literally) to see any difference. But that's ok! I'm going to try it again soon; I left the Henna on for about 2½ hours, but want to leave it on for at least 5 next time. I point blank REFUSE to apply bleach to my hair; took me this long to get any hair back on my head sans chemicals, I'm hoping to keep it that way!!

So, er, I'll be trying that one again soon.

On another subject, I would just like to discuss something wonderful and fabulous. But possibly a potential problem and flaw.

I have the best. Boobs. EVER.


As in, if I was some kind of whore, I would wear a ridiculously low cut top and then jiggle your face in them, whether you requested it or not. Because ah gat BOOOOOOOOOBS. I've managed to go from a sort of semi saggy pre-preg 34DD (whenever the hell that was) to pert, fully loaded 36F. These puppies are just AWESOME. And if I have success with breasfeeding again, I may just reach hard core porn star proportions.

I realise I'll be eating these words this time next year, when I've (possibly) stopped breastfeeding and the boobs can happily converse with my knees, but for now, I DON'T CARE!!! !HAHA HAAAA!!!A!111!!!!1!!1!!

But yeah there's already a down side. Back ache? Nope. (As if I'm even going to notice that now with the endearing constant crotch pain.) Unwanted attention? As if. (no one can see them past the bump anyway.)

It's bras. There are no decent bras people. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that there are plenty of bras in my size, but show me a bra, with NO underwire, that seriously does NOT remind you of your granny. Way back. In her hey day.

Yes I KNOW there are SOME nice bras out there, and many thanks to D for treating me to "Age of Allure" and "Sinfully Sweet Seductress" bras from HotMilk (which are just GORGEOUS), but the bra bar has now been set. No granny bras. I want sexy-ass, in yer face, "I am drop dead gorgeous" bras. Alluring and Seductive bras, good people. Your mission - FIND BRAS.

The puppies deserve the best that they can get. You wouldn't put a royal corgi in any old kennel, now, would you?
2 Responses
  1. Miranda Says:

    I have to say, I once LOVED my boobs...during pregnancy!! They reached a beautifully round 36C, I was very pleased! Now, a year after breastfeeding three children in 5 years, these little things can't reach the knees to talk!!! :( They are at an itty bitty 36A!!! What is that all about??????

  2. WHAT??? That's just not right...you need to have words with them. Not harsh though, you know, just ask them what the hell they're playing at, maybe?