Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 27+3 days
Month: 7
Trimester: 3
Fetus Age: 26 weeks
Heartbeat: Fast
Time to Go: 87 days
Size: Amoeba
Time til 4D Scan: 9 days

And yet somehow, my weight gain is still (albeit marginally) lower than this stage with Noah. And as someone on Facebook pointed out, I'm well on my way to my 5-a-Day, right?

I spoke to Snr MW#2 today, Snr MW#1 was unavailable. But that was ok, because Snr MW#2 also happened to be in charge of Risk Assessment in labour and delivery, and a VERY VERY VERY nice person. Who was full of respect. And DIDN'T talk to me like some dumb ignorant whore who didn't know any better.

She's going to relay everything I said to Snr MW#1 and try to request me a different MW, as well as "have a chat" with my MW.

We'll see what happens, but at this stage I'm VERY pleased and finally starting to feel reassured about the birth again. I confess I was starting to get really apprehensive about it all, and even though I had no intentions of giving in, I sure as hell wasn't feeling very confident in myself or anyone else.

On a lighter note, Noah has demonstrated utter extreme cuteness lately; he has this book with loads of pictures of animals and farm stuff. Ask him to point to the cat or the duck on any page and he'll find it (which means he's actually sitting still long enough for that to happen!). Mention Archie (our cat) and he'll bring you her doughnut bed (which isn't so great because it's plastered with fur) or he'll shout at the cat. "Ah! Ah! AH! ....*point* AHH!"

Also, he's started trying to say "duck" (which comes out "a-duh") and does the duck actions for a song I sing to him (his fat little hands waving and clenching); only he does it with this sly awesome grin on his face, like he knows how cute he is. Ahw man, he's such a dude.
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