It's official, we have a Poopgate Scandal on our hands. Today was a day filled with poop in so many ways. After the antics of our official first Code Brown, things have escalated. Code Brown has escalated. Code Brown has reached amazing new heights (volumes). We've had another 4 since the first one, today's Code Brown resulting in a change of Noah's entire outfit. We have actually taken pictures of one of them. I daren't post them because, well, oh my god (and who wants to be that person who posts pics of baby poop?). I get kinda scared when we go several wet nappies, no poop, cos you kinda know a Code Brown is in the making.

To add insult to injury, and as if Noah's poop wasn't enough (did I mention I'm clearly developing an obsession with poop?), some little doggy pooped on our front lawn. Not impressed. I daren't (can't) point any fingers as I don't know who's adorable little doggy it is, but still, not impressed.

Further to the Poopgate Scandals, it's still a sore subject with myself. Fibersure is my new best friend. What frigging joy. (And don't tell me to eat more fibre. If I eat any more fibre than I'm doing, I'll have my own fruit farm and be growing my own corn dammit.)

"Mother, I'm bored of this poop obsession. Big Tig and I have far more interesting things to deal with."

"Like learning to shove my entire hand in my mouth."

"Followed by a satisfying Code Brown. Ah yes."