Some of you readers keep in touch with me which is great, but it's nice if you leave a comment here too. ;o)

Noah had his 6 week check - all is grand. Major dry skin issues, but thankfully nothing a little Dream Cream can't fix.

I'm ok too, haven't thought much about my Old Friend in a while, even though Health Visitor and Dr#1 have both declared me high risk. I guess we'll see how it goes.

Noah pooped this morning. Nothing new, admittedly, only that he sounded like an old man passing a bowling ball, huffed and puffed, then went very quiet. Then my leg became very wet. We had our first official Code Brown, saturating him, me, the duvet, the towel he was sitting on, and the burpee beneath it. And yes, he was wearing a nappy, vest and babygrow. We actually contemplated taking a picture.

(Hi my name's J and I'm a Poop Addict.)