Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 16+6 days
Month: 4
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 15 weeks
Heartbeat: 143 bpm
Time to Go: 161 days
Size: Erm...a mediocre avocado? Because next is onion and I'm just confused.
Time til Big Scan: 23 days

Soooo...I thought it was safe to breathe. You know when you have that moment when you think to yourself, "Hey! Everything is just sweet. Life is pretty cool!", and then a reasonable sized pile of horse mud flings itself at you?

We suspect Noah has chicken pox. He's had this runny nose for like, forever, and on Saturday D noticed a couple of spots on his back. Today at clinic as I stripped him off to be weighed (where I discovered he weighs 25lbs 7oz mother of god he weighs a considerable fraction of me) I spotted* a whole load of spots on his back, one or two on his front and he was casually absent mindedly rubbing his chest and tummy whilet strying to talk to HV#4 with his dummy in his mouth.

He's been mostly great for the last few days, being a little scritchy every so often, which we as great parents put down to him just having a cold.

We are so awesome.

I haven't totalled the car, but I really want to push the button that says "VSA". The dealership guy said I really shouldn't push that button. It alters the stability of the wheels and stops over/under steering. Basically, it stops me trying to slide round corners.

So I'm obviously wanting to push that button. Sweet Jesus as if starting the engine by pushing a shiny red button wasn't enough**, now there's a button that I WANT to push even more but NOT ALLOWED???*** What is up with tormenting me with the Button Pushing, people??!

Can I just take this opportunity to say that I am now only 2lbs over my weight when I was pregnant with Noah at this point. There may just be a god.

Of course my latest addictions for lettuce smothered in Heinz salad cream, or pickled onion Space Raiders, or chocolate and cake in almost any way, shape or form, may alter this smugness a little later on down the line.

As a complete aside, I just read a friend's blog entry, and she wrote about how she nearly electrocuted herself in the crotch with her electric razor in the shower. Is it wrong that I may have pee'd a tiny little bit with the laughter? ****

* Pun totally intended
** Christ it's actually red and says ENGINE START. Do you know how sweet that is?

*** I'm sooooo going to push it. When I'm not too chicken shit scared.
**** Hey, you push 11lbs past yer bladder and out yer crotch and see if you don't make a teeny tiny mess once in a while.
2 Responses
  1. Jen Says:

    What is it with you and fricking buttons? There's gotta be a name for this obsession, honey!
    Hope Noah feels better soon. The Pox is no fun. Might slow him down for a day or two tho! ;)
    Oh, and thanks for making me want space raiders. Pickled onion OR cheese and onion would be good...
    PS. Push the button. We all know you want to.

  2. Kelly Says:

    I don't understand the food/fetus references either. An avocado, to my thinking is bigger than an onion...I'm confused! And I'm sorry to hear about the chicken pox. ugh.
    and listen...I have a Honda. This is my 3rd. Nothing major happens when you push the VSA button. Unless you are, at that very moment, driving around a corner on black ice, you are not going to notice anything except a light on your dash with an "!" to warn you that its off. You should leave it on of course, but you won't launch into another dimension if you push it...though you may desire said launching. =)

    You do have button issues, don't you?