So it seems, today is my 3 year blog anniversary! Or birthday!! Or...whatever it's meant to be called.

It seems blog birthdays are quite a big deal; I've watched a few people celebrate theirs with style, doing giveaways and huge posts and tweetups and parties and whatever else.

And I have to say I'm often a tad jealous, mainly because their blogs seem so popular, you know? So I reckon if my blog was bigger, I might give a way, um, a car?

Or how about tickets to a ball!!!

Or perhaps even family tickets to the zoo?

Yeah...I got nothing. So instead I'm just going to remind you how we started, all thanks to this little monkey.

Sorry, I mean THIS little monkey.

And of course, I'm so pleased we had another little one to add to the blog.

Happy 3 years, journey of the mocha bean(s) and mummy. It's been a hell of a journey so far. I hope we've got much more to share.