Some Things I Saw This Week


The Post Where I Leave You All Wondering What The Fuck

It's been an eventful week, Isaac had his birthday yesterday (which I'll blog about, but since he's only one and won't ever remember it, this post is WAY more important), Noah has been seriously trying my patience, I did my first ever adult portrait photo shoot, I started a BlipFoto account (because obviously I'm so lazy and have way too much spare time on my hands) and, um, I appear to have been shortlisted for the MADs Best MAD Blog Photography.

I believe when I found out, my words were:

Which was a direct result of this.

So then I read this:

The Best MAD Blog Photography award recognises that some bloggers don’t just have a way with words – their pictures are just as powerful, and sometimes more powerful than the words alongside.

So!! I thought I would just say, um, THANK YOU SO VERY COCKING MUCH!! I seriously did not see this coming. I actually said to D that there was no way on God's rather wet earth that I'd make it as a finalist. I talk about shit, I post random crap, and Jesus H Mother Cocking Christ, have you SEEN WHO ELSE I'M UP AGAINST??? The pictures these guys take are fucking awesome. I urge you to click on those links and take a look, cos SERIOUSLY. Oh Em Eff Gee.

So I thought, maybe I should write a very gushy post and tell you all thank you SO FUCKING MUCH for helping me get this far. I would love it if you were to vote for me to win (have you seen the prizes? Yes please), although I'm still amazed you've helped me get to being a finalist.

I'm barely a photographer in my eyes; with no training of any sort I've still got so much to learn. But becoming a finalist? Well that's just the biggest complement I could ever have right now.

So maybe I should post some pictures to um, show how I got here maybe? You know, "demonstrate" a bit of my work?

(Seriously, there are no subliminal messages here. No sir. Not at all.)

(This was mysteriously found on Noah's doodle draw thingy. No idea how it got there.)

"Yeah yeah mother, see this here? NEGLECT. An empty bottle of water is all I get? You are FAIL."

(Maybe D did this in his sleep, bless him. Ahw.)

"Yawn. Mother. I. Am. Bored. It's not like people care OR listen to your poop anyway. Get over yourself."

(Obviously Isaac did this, though he's so modest, bless him, I suspect he'll deny it.)

"Obviously Mother you are delusional. I'm exercising full-on hardcore cuteness to score some points here, Mother. What - points for you? NO. Points for ME. Check out my sly smile while I get all the attention."

(Strange things happen in the fields at night, round the corner from my house, you know.)

"I turned one yesterday. And my mother chose to write this thank you post to all you lot BEFORE she decided to write about me. Here I eat this number 1 to show my disgust. Make this worth my while and vote for her."