Wednesday 5th May was Isaac's first birthday. I won't blog a load of stats about him, like he weighs the same as a baby kangaroo, or is a long as our cat, but I thought you might like to see his day in pictures...

He started off in a little photoshoot of his own with me, which he really seemed to enjoy...

(Oh my GOD I want this child's eyelashes.)

(He seems to be one of those kiddos that photographs annoyingly well. And no, I'm not biased. Much. Contrary to popular belief.)

He was fantastic to photograph; I've always felt him to be an easy baby model, and he's totally un-phased by the camera, so I got one or two half decent images!

Then for the rest of the day, he was happy to indulge in presents and toys...

(Noah can be a royal pain in the rear at times, but at least we can safely he say he does love his brother.)

Thanks to Gammar for the cake.

I should say "cakes", big and small.

Which, unsurprisingly were incredibly well recieved!

I could go crazy adding a billion more photos of my gorgeous little boy over the last year, but this post would reach epic proportions.

So I put them into a video instead.

Happy first birthday, my beautiful boy, Isaac Jay.


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