Sun, May 13, 2007 8:23 PM

Here are our stats today!

Due Date: 01/10/2008
Week: 5+3 days
Month: 2
Trimester: 1
Foetus Age: 4 weeks

Date for an U/S!! It's on 11th June which obviously feels like an eternity away (29 days...) but we can't get any sooner. And it's gotta be better then than even later...we tried looking into other places to go but then I started to wonder whether I would still stress anyway. I need to enjoy this pregnancy as much as I possibly can - I know it will make things easier. Today I'm really feeling the effects - I've been feeling queasy all day and my head is pounding. Dizzy spells are still there so I'm wary about driving still but I'm really hoping to be back out there again soon. Daddy and I went to the baby Show at the NEC yesterday - it was awesome! We bought a nappy bin thingy (kinda like an American Diaper Genie perhaps?) and that's our first 'baby' purchase. Daddy also bought me BumpBand - it's to cover the tops of my trousers when I blatantly can't fasten them! And it just looks like an unsuspecting black t-shirt - very useful over my exremely bloated belly (what on earth are you doing in there? Blowing bubbles???!) I think I'll spend bits of this week doing a little bit more on the nursery; but we're waiting for Aunty Claire to move into her flat so she can have the furniture. At least then we can shift the carpet/wall paper and get down to some serious decorating :o)

PS at the moment your nickname is 'Mocha' ;o)