Yeah I've kinda been a bit neglectful lately, so yeah um, sorry, it's because, my um, raccoon, got into this fight with a um, left sock, which was incidentally NOT one of the sock missing from my wardrobe, and did you see that thing on tv the other day about the thing with the cheese because I thought it was almost like that story in the paper this morning about toast?



Where have you been?

I've been here waiting all this time.

Are you confused?

I fucking am.

Ok I'm just going to distract you with stuff.

Go read this (and PLEASE help me out!!!)

You need to go view THIS ARTICLE ON DUCT TAPE and let me know if you've tried any. If you DO attempt any, please let me know because it's more than likely you will become my hero.

I want to learn to sing this song and play it on the piano.

Bacon or Beer Can. I can't decide, but it still cracks me up every time.

Tara Cain has put this week's gallery up. I haven't a clue what to do, so I reckon I'm gonna wing it. Again. You know, for a change. And I'll tell everyone I put lots of thought into it.

Shit, I may have just hyped myself up too much already.

And also, COCK! I have NO IDEA what to do for next month's YOR. I'm supposed to be meeting people this month, and that seems to have gone a bit pear shaped and I've not met nearly as many people as I'd hoped. So if you have nothing better to do, are really bored and fancy pointing and laughing at me in person rather than through my blog, let me know, ok? It'll be fun, I'm sure.

Lastly (no more links after this, promise) I would like THIS PORK PRODUCT RELATED SITE to sponsor me for something. I don't know what. Bacon eating contest, maybe. Or perhaps to write more on the Ode to Bacon.

I lied when I said no more links (of course I lied! HAH.)

There's this big old competition going on about some blogger awards, called The MADS, and you should all totally go nominate some blogs. I hasten to add, I'm not (necessarily) asking to be nominated, because there isn't a category for "Blogger That Rambles on About The Most Pointless Shit Known to Man" (which if there WAS, I would TOTALLY whoop all a y'all asses), but there are lots of people who should be nominated, and a soon as I figure it out, I might try and sneak a badge in the old sidebar to remind you to GO VOTE for people. Or yourself! Go vote for yourself! You are pretty amazing, after all.
2 Responses
  1. Hello. My name is Dara. I'm a duct tape lover.
    Beyond the ordinary - you know dryer installation and duct repair - I've used it to close a gaping wound, splint a broken finger, hold up my girlies in a backless low cut dress, create costimes for my children and make these really cute silvery miny snowflakes to stick on the window at Christmas.
    Oh and I once restuck a muffler to my friends car with duct tape and a coat hanger. And used it to patch a crack in a door window. And to tape a knife to my leg in a dicey situation.
    I've considered using to to tape my kids to wall but have resisted thus far. Though using it on my husband and the bed might be interesting . . .
    It's supposed to work on warts quite well too, though I've never tried as I've never had a wart (la-di-da me).
    When life throws a loop at you, duct tape it! (which reminds me, I also used it once to repair a hula hoop)

  2. Lorna Byrne Says:

    Lol, the duct tape thing reminds me of a 'comedy' show in Canada called 'Red Green'. In it, the solution to everything is duct tape.

    And as for the 'Yaw yaw' song, that surely must have been a Eurovision entry...or maybe not, but it made me smile :)