Everyone's been doing resolutions. New Year Resolutions.

You know what I suck at?

New Year Resolutions.

I just can't do them. If I'm lucky, I can last...hmmm...maybe 4 hours. 6 if it's a particularly good resolution. But most often? I've forgotten it (them) within minutes of thinking about it (them).

So I've been trawling through the masses of Revolutionary Resolutionary blogs, when suddenly, one blog I particularly enjoy came up with something that is indeed Revolutionary:

"Year of Resolutions"

That is to say, rather than coming up with a whole ton of crap on 1st Jan that you'll have forgotten by 2nd Jan that same year, you have a new resolution every month, to work through for that month. Make it a habit, for only a month, and after then, it should be automatic.



I LOVE this idea. And I'm really hoping Karl doesn't mind me jumping on board too. So I'm going to make a resolution, a new one, at the start of every month. I'll be intrigued to see if any of you do it too, and I'm sure Karl might appreciate your support.

My first resolution? Hmm.

I think it's going to be career related. I've been toying with photography for almost a year now, and my latest "serious" snaps have come out really well I think. And one thing I've become even more aware of is my growing disinterest in music.


Let's say this first month, I will make every effort to begin my photography business venture. If it doesn't work, then it doesn't work. But I'd like to be able to say that I made a fucking good start with it, and hope that it continues to go somewhere for the forseeable. I've already done three official shoots, and I'm potentially booked for another four, in the hope that I can continue to build up my portfolio.*

As you all know, I have very little faith in myself, so declaring this as official is quite fucking scary. But I think it's time to take some very fucking big steps. Away from music. And into something I enjoy. I have no idea what will happen, but we'd never know until I tried, right?


* A very small selection of photos are on my flickr page; if you have a flickr account I would love to hear from you
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6 Responses
  1. Kelly Says:

    I love your photos. I love the baby with the "ooooh" mouth and I adore the "alone in thought" shot. you rock.
    what kind of camera did you end up with? I'm sure you posted this a long time ago but I'm an aquarius too so my attention span is...

    what was I saying?

    I think resolutions are crap. I'm firmly entrenched on the cusp of capricorn so I have this internal struggle of wanting to set goals and then forgetting what the hell they were or why I cared or asking myself if it relates to some "rule" and if it does then I give it the high middle finger and toddle off on my rebel way.

    this year I DO have some goals though (which feels foreign!), so my cappie must be peeking out, which is ok from time to time. Its not like i'm going to become an accountant this year or anything.

    what the hell was my point? said the aquarius...

    oh yeah. your photos. I wish I could take some as crisp as yours. Reading instruction books and attending classes go against my grain. I was just telling someone though that I'm pretty pleased with some of the stuff I've snapped on my various drives into the country and my sunset shots. you've seen them on FB. One of them is going on my friend's website that I designed for her. woot!

    I should have a flickr page. I might but I forgot what the hell I was doing with it.

    who are you? where am I? what am I doing here?

    oh yeah, resolutions. bollocks.

    love you. and your glorious use of the f word.

    we must meet.

    oh and before I totally shoot this whole comment to shit and forget to make a fucking point, I am sure you'll have no problem becoming a photographer and actually having a business with it. no doubt.

    my boxing gloves and panties match today. like?


  2. @Kelly LOL. You are me. And I've nodded my head along with everything you just said. I'm gonna email you re photos, ok? Only, it might take a while.

    Mainly cos I'll have forgotten by the time I hit "Done"...

  3. Heather Says:

    i think its a good idea, the one thing to work on every month. Makes it seem less scary, more do-able as well if you only HAVE to stick it for a month. I started something similar myself, I made a pact with myself to eat healthily and excercise more, cut out all junk for one month and then re-evaluate. It seems easy, psychologically, because it's just one month.

    am going to go look at the photos, and the other blog now.

    A huge well done for putting it out there, and good luck with it all. x

  4. Drolgerg Says:

    Brilliant idea! I've pretty mucg given up on New Year's resolutions too, but twe monthly idea is more achievable.

  5. Andy Lacey Says:

    I love the approach to resolutions Jay. Might have to look at that myself...aside from the fact that my NY's resolution should really be to plan less and do more :-)

    Oh, I've been on your flickr before but just checked it out again. I think the portraits are amazing - I love the Sunday School one in particular. Go for it and be confident in your ability :-)

  6. Karl Says:

    Didn't realize you were doing this, too. Course, I haven't been here very often, so...

    Good for you. :)