I mentioned a few days ago in some half-hearted round-the-wrekin half-assed way that I had sort of maybe possibly not quite sure but I think so possibly come up with a possible suggested theoretical idea for May YOR, right?

I'm obviously being a wee bit non committal here, but you know, hear me out.

Well, whilst I've started a BlipFoto journal thing, I immediately felt pressure about what I was taking on. Sure, BlipFoto and various other friends reminded me I don't have to post every day, but I realised, I'm a bit crap for taking a picture every day.

Sure I call myself a professional photographer (barely...even typing that is seriously bloody weird), I feel like I HAVE to call myself professional under the circumstances; but I also feel like I have to draw that fine line between business and pleasure.

I love taking photos, I really do. So very much. But if there's one thing I've learnt is that, much like my blogging, I have to do it for me when I'm ready, to a degree. The portrait work I do, is awesome. I love it so much. BECAUSE it's what I want to specialise in. All the other crazy stuff? Is genuinely for fun. There was a short while where I was going crazy doing tons of iPhone pics because I thought I needed to profile myself, but you know what? It's not important. People will find me when they're ready.

So this month, whilst the resolution is indeed to basically pick up my camera more often, I'll be picking it up for fun rather than doing it because I think I have to.
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