With everything going on this week (and holy mother there is a LOT going on this week, more on that soon) I very nearly didn't do this week's gallery. I knew WHERE I wanted to post about, but wasn't sure I'd get to do it.

Then I scooted over the folder of pictures, and, well, pretty much couldn't resist. The pictures made me so homesick, I had no choice.

Presenting to you a part of the world, which is almost a second home to me and very familiar to me and my bigger family:


This was our private beach at the hotel...

I've been here plenty of times before, and Jesus I just can't get enough. So when D and I went for our honeymoon, it was pretty freaking special, but it became something amazing when we took 3 month old Noah to go and visit one of his countries of origin.

And yes, that's part of the view from one of our balconies. :o)

The three of us went in March 2008, and the hotel we stayed at was nothing short of spectacular...

Right down to the random little huts on the tiny islands just off the beach.

Noah enjoyed his first EVER swim.

D and I marvelled over the beauty of our hidden paradise

...which was like being in a picture postcard fantasy...

..and enjoyed many a sunset in the evenings.

But for me, Tara's Gallery Theme reminded me so much that even though the world is such a damn huge place, no matter where we are, we're always close to someone.

So when I was the first in our family to introduce an 86 year old Great Grandparent to his 3 month old Great Grandson for the first time, I realised that for me personally? This is also something you wouldn't necessarily see in the world around us. I think that paints a pretty special picture.


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