April YOR sucked.

Blogging every day is just not my thing.

But you know what I DID learn? I learnt that I don't blog for other people. I just can't. I can't write something just for the sake of someone else having something to read. I CAN, however, write something because I feel like it, I can put something out there when I feel I need to, and I can blog whenever the hell I like.

Which is a good thing! This whole YOR is all about me trying out new stuff and learning from it, right? Ok granted I have already failed miserably at some of them (and no I'm not going to link them, because I suspect some are pretty obvious), but that's ok, because here we are about to jump into month number 5, and um, yeah I haven't decided what to do for the next one.

I suspect it will be something along the lines of posting a photo every day. I've seen people using people BlipFoto and it looks pretty good...or maybe I should actually just open the account in the first place and aim to post every so often...maybe 4 times a week? Doing "A Month of Me" on flickr was pretty good fun, so something similar, maybe?

I don't think it would be pics for JMP, just pics for me, mostly like Tara's Gallery; just to take the pressure off. Hmmm.

But yeah, in summary.

It's been a crazy month for blogging. A post came from nowhere and made me realise that actually, I blog because there IS no pressure on what I want to say. I know there's more like that to come; talking to a friend recently made us both realise that there's potentially a monster outpouring ready to go, but only when we're ready. So no, I'm not going force that anymore. Didn't even enjoy trying it.

But that's ok. It's a new...month, right?
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