Was struggling for something to post today (actually that's cock; I have TONS to post but I swear I would bore seven shades of shit out of you all. That, plus I'm going to exhaust myself with this blogging every day thing. Damn you April YOR) and then remembered - Ah yes!! Tara Cain's Gallery!! So this week it's JOY.

And you know what? I just need no explanations for this one. There's joy inside AND outside the picture(s) this week.

Please to enjoy.

16 Responses
  1. Gorgeous! The garden sprinkler was one of my favourite things when I was small. The last photo's fantastic!

  2. Nova Says:

    hehe, cute pictures. :0)

  3. Cassandra Says:

    And indeed, joy personified. No need for words :)

  4. love it, such great piccies
    Love the happy effort in the last one xx

  5. Chris Says:

    Adorable! Made me grin from ear to ear! x

  6. CaraFreckles Says:

    He is adorable! Love the sequence, but the eye contact in the last one is great.

  7. beautiful pictures - he's gorgeous :)

  8. Peabee72 Says:

    Fab....love what you've done with the sprinkler pic, awesome. And your boy...edible xxx

  9. They are sooo gorgeous, I could eat them in a scrumptious baby sandwich. Lovely photos as always.

    MD x

    PS Not REALLY going to come by and eat your kids in an evil Hans Christian Andersen Story way. Its a silly little MD household saying passed down from the Olds.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    It's the tongue that does it! The cuteness!

    Might have to look away now before I get too broody...

  11. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    Ahhhh ta for the smiles. Gorgeous pics and definite joy. I loved sprinklers as a kid too. My garden is so narrow my neighbours would get sprinkled too if I used one here though. Bum.

  12. Love this little guy!
    Great photos.

  13. Livi Says:

    awww that is indeed joy!

  14. Lol thanks for the lovely joyful comments everyone! (hee hee...) x

  15. Lorna Byrne Says:

    Aw he's gorgeous. Beautiful pictures xx