Lately there have been a number of things, that not only do I fail to understand, as a parent, I can't even begin to attempt to comprehend.

They are thus.

Why is it that, when I change EITHER of the boy's nappies and it stinks to high heaven, I ALWAYS involuntarily take a deep breath in?

How can they gladly put away anything that is put in front of them at nursery, but when you do the EXACT SAME FOOD at, they look at you like you've lost your marbles and demand something else?

Why do they always want the food I'm eating, and then when I serve EXACTLY THE SAME FOOD on their plate, they STILL go for my food?

Who took it upon themselves to create babies toys that make more noise known to any human on planet Earth? And continue to make noise when they're switched off and buried in the bottom of the toy box?

Why do they want a DVD on, which they've seen nineteen seven hundred frillionty times, and then when you put it on, they promptly jump up and stop watching?

Why do they want to see a DVD nineteen seven hundred frillionty times?

Why is that your children choose to adore the most obnoxious, annoying, disturbing kids shows on tv, and not only adore them, but excel in things they do, because of watching those damn shows?

These are ones which I've only tried to deal with today. If I try to go through the last few days, my brain will explode from lack of comprehension. Feel free to add your own though, maybe someone can shed light on these conundrums?

(Even as I've typed this, Noah just came over and licked my cheese on toast. Which he never eats. Of course he then put it back on my plate. Oh yum.)
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4 Responses
  1. Gappy Says:

    When they are older you will ask yourself:

    Why don't they ever flush the loo?

    Why do they keep trying to have conversations with me through the bathroom door when I am on the loo?

    Why do they keep trying to have conversations with me when I am clearly on the other frigging side of the house?

    The questions never end.....

  2. mommaruth Says:

    Because that's what kids do - they love to annoy you and annoy you to love you.

    Especially your sweet little boys.

    Ah, I love parenting.

  3. Jessi Louise Says:

    They have to be somewhat annoying in order to offset the cute. It's a delicate balance.

  4. Peabee72 Says:

    Arghhhh! I feel old and resigned but still I go through the same circus every day....

    Eldest: "We want to watch Sponge Bob, we all like Sponge Bob"

    Me: "You can't watch Sponge Bob, it's crap"

    Them: "Sponge Bob, Sponge Bob, Sponge Bob....."

    Me: *sigh* "Oh FFS, ok, just don't blame me when your brain falls out of your ear"