There's quite a few of you out there who like me, which I find IMMENSELY flattering! Don't worry, I'm not about to go out and start bopping about how frigging awesome I am, mainly because I know you all know that already.


But in this post I shall go over the latest awards I have received. Because apparently, I'm pretty cool.

(do you have any idea how odd it is to just SAY that? Not even out loud, but here in this blog??)

First up, is another Sunshine Award! This one comes from Sam over at Keep Calm & Eat Cake (one of the many awesome blog titles I've seen over the years). I'm not sure if my Ode to Bacon had anything to do with it, but she presents me with the Sunshine Award, as seen here:

This is the third time I've had this award, and in all seriousness I really am thrilled to bits to receive it, especially as I've been a bit of a miserable bugger lately...

So thank you VERY MUCH Sam, I really appreciate it!!

All pretty awesome blogs.

Next award lately comes from the ever entertaining Rosie Scribble. She's very lovely, and hopefully I should be meeting her pretty soon (squeeee!) all being well. The fab award this time is the Kreativ Blogger award, which is pretty frigging cool, but also requires me to disclose 7 things you did not know about me.

Well here is said fab award:

(which is pretty freakin' cool)

Well since I already pretty much put myself out there, I'm going to have to apologise in advance if I repeat myself, but here goes:

1. Because my pelvis is so much better, I often attempt to Riverdance through the kitchen, rather than just walk. But only in the kitchen.

2. I was on Blue Peter and have a Blue Peter badge.

3. I'm crapping myself every time I give out a business card, yet thrilled to bits every time someone accepts one.

4. I have episodes of the Powerpuff Girls on my PC upstairs. And maybe Powerpuff Girls The Movie on DVD.

5. I asked Lynda Bellingham for her autograph whilst I was on tour in Canada.

6. I played cello professionally for 24 years, and have performed in may parts of the world.

7. I survived hurricane Gilbert in Jamaica in 1988; my parents and siblings were at home in the UK and I had travelled out alone to see my grandfather. I was 9 years old.

I now have to nominate people for the awards; 5 for Sunshine, 7 for Kreativ. So I'm obviously going to be a lazy bugger and just nominate 7 for both awards, right?

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3 Responses
  1. 1. that in itself needs vlogging
    2. pic please!!
    3 yay at business cards
    4. hhmm
    5. I like her - she was great as the OXO mum - not so sure of her as a Loose Woman and she was crap on SCD
    6. again, a vlog...
    7. Oh WOW!! and travelling alone at 9 years old... bloody hell!!

  2. Magic Mummy Says:

    Love your list ;-)

    Now tell us what you won your Blue Peter badge for lol

  3. I got grade 4 on the cello :)
    great list - and how brave are you going all that way AND surviving a hurricane at 9!