Today has been awesome.

Today has been fucking marvellous.

Today, Noah and I cooked carrot cake, thanks to a kiddies cook book from Cassie

Today I secured some more photo session bookings.

Today I did my first order of photos from my website, to check print quality, ready for first real orders.

Today I spent some awesome uninterrupted quality time with Isaac.

Today an owner of a house we viewed (and fell in love with) last week phoned to tell us she's coming off the market for a year and to get back in touch with her next year so she can sell to us.

Today I was reminded of who my friends are and how awesome they are.

Today I spent 2 hours on the phone to someone I'm going to meet for the first time on Sunday.

Today, I felt alive. It was pretty fucking good.
3 Responses
  1. april Says:

    glee!!! so happy for you

  2. This is a fucking brilliant post :D

  3. Karl Says:

    So glad you're having a great weekend. Enjoy your Sunday.