Well actually, I has a nominayshun, but that wouldn't have made much sense.

It turns out someone out there likes my blog, and has nominated me for The MADS 2010 Blog Award!

To say I'm chuffed to bits is an understatement. I'm like, over the fucking moon! Bewildered, also, but THRILLED.

In fact, when I was told about it, it took me some time to believe whether it was true, and was convinced someone was yanking my chain. But no! Seriously! You guys, um, actually like me and stuff!!!

I appreciate there are some of you reading this and wondering what the fuck I'm talking about, and if that's the case then you should head on over to Who's The Mummy blog and go look at all the awesome blogs over there that have been nominated. There are plenty I read, some of them in my blog roll, and they're all worth a look in. Then when you find one/some you like, GO VOTE for them!

Then they can win pretty prizes and stuff.

The only thing I'll say is, just be wary of who you nominate and what category you're throwing them into. You can't nominate someone for a category they don't really belong to. For example, if there was Most Intelligent MAD Blog, it would be a little silly to nominate me for that because let's face it, I'm pretty much Queen of Sheer Stupidty.

However, I've been nominated for Best Looking Mad Blog. Why thank you!! I am pretty good looking. I'm thinking about plastering my face over my blog some more, to generate more interest. Or perhaps another pic of my arse, or maybe my boobs? I think that would spruce it up nicely.

Wait...of course that doesn't really reflect how good my blog looks, but it's all content, right?

So thank you! In all fairness, I had uhm'd and ah'd for AGES about this particular design and I'm still unsure but it's nice to think someone else likes it. So I certainly appreciate that nomination.

I've also been nominated for Best Mad Baby Blogger.

Now there's something you need to understand here. The two fucking gorgeous babies you see on this site? They're not really mine. I stole them. From a supermodel. She makes gorgeous babies, and I have these two on loan as and when I need them. Their real names are Jedward and Peter Andre III. They attend Cambridge University in their spare time. One of them shaves cats for a living.

But nonetheless I thank you for the nomination, because I'm obviously doing a good job at pretending to raise them as my own.

I'm immensely thrilled to bits to have been nominated for Best MAD Blog Photography, especially as when more often than not, I haven't a fucking clue what I'm doing with a camera. I pick it up, twiddle some knobs, press some buttons and the screen on the back changes and looks vaguely like what's in front of me. Then I open up this thing called "Photoshop" and edit the bejesus out of them to make them look vaguely presentable, then I decide they still look shit so I pimp them round the interwebs a bit, and eventually when they return to me, they look pretty good.

But I totally take all the credit, you know, because they're on my blog. So obviously, that's um, all cool. Awesome. And actually came as a fab compliment to me after finally getting my photog website live, even after an very large and annoying hiccup with my gallery (but that's another story).

So thank you so VERY much for nominating me! The MADS is a wicked idea; great way for people to show off their stuff, awesome way to find brilliant new blogs in categories that would appeal to you. They've clearly worked their arses off to get it going, and just by nominating shows appreciation for what they've achieved so far.

Of course, you should now go and tell all your friends to go nominate some blogs too; there's shit loads to choose from and seriously, they're bloody amazing. Click the pretty MADS button on the right hand side to go to the website, or click on of the billions of links I've sprinkled around this blog. You're welcome to get your friends to nominate me too, or you could take them to McDonalds and teach them about dipping fries into banana milkshake.

Do not knock it til you've tried it. Seriously.
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4 Responses
  1. notSupermum Says:

    Well deserved nominations girlie, congrats!

  2. Congratulations, well done and all that stuff. I didn't even know McDonalds had banana shakes.

  3. peabee72 Says:

    LOL! Very well deserved nom lady....and a great post about it. Your energy just knocked me off my chair....will there be an awards ceremony d'you reckon? Will we all have to sit and make our 'oooh' and 'ahhhh' and 'I never expected to win' faces? I hope so, I REALLY hope so.


  4. Hey, Brill NOM News!! Congrats & well deserved too! :) x