Today, our entire house sale fell through. Everything. All of it. There is no way we can move, for at least a year. There is shit all we can do, apart from to just wait it out.


And I've spent the last 11 hours dealing with it, and getting over it. So, whatever.

The good news is...uh...

I'm meeting a load of new folks and their kiddos tomorrow! Very excited to see:

Tara Cain - responsible for "The Gallery" (this week is "Ugly". I might post my legs.)
Rosie Scribble - Seems super lovely. She may wonder what planet I'm from.
Jo Beaufoix - Sassy and bloody pretty. I may wear a large hoody and baggy jeans.
Muddy no Sugar - great photographer. So I'll take my camera, and never get it out.

And then I'll seeing for the second time:

Bumbling Tweets - she's SOO lovely, down to Earth. The exact opposite of me.
porridgebrain - one of the best people I have ever met. Annoyingly amazing. Dammit.

So of course, I'll spend the whole time feeling IMMENSELY intimidated, while they all talk about amazing things, and people they know, and how awesome their kiddos are, and I'll do everything I can to pimp Isaac and his fucking adorableness, not mention Occasional-Spawn-Of-Satan-Child Noah (Not in a bad way of course, you know he's obviously still cute, but as he'll be at nursery {OMFG THE CHILD IS AT NURSERY} I can just pretend I have one adorable child who doesn't pound the shit out of his older brother).

(Lately Isaac totally pounds the shit out of his older brother. But it's ok, because Noah gives as good as he gets. So all is good.)

So yeah! Really looking forward to it! I'll distract everyone from me and they'll be all "Ohhhhh do you remember that gorgeous baby boy Isaac? Ohhh he was ADORABLE!! That's right, he was there without his mum wasn't he? Ahw bless him. Hmm...who was that random dark shadow in the corner?"


It'll be a great day, I'm pretty sure.

Because Noah does his first "real" half day at nursery and Isaac is 1 year old in less than a month.

8 Responses
  1. I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall tomorrow :D

  2. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    OMG what are you like? You're goddam gorgeous woman. And why do you think I only show head shots? Because my arse is as big as a house and my hips could fit car ports on them. I'm going ot have to squeeze you tomorrow, just so you know I noticed you too (though I'm sure Isaac and Noah are gorgeous.) :D

  3. Tara Cain Says:

    Hang on just a minute - everyone else is 'gorgeous' and 'amazing' except me. What the?

  4. *double checks*

    Oh. Fuck.

    ..soz love.

  5. MuddynoSugar Says:

    Had a lovely day, who is Isaac? I just remember meeting a beautiful strong woman who made me laugh...alot.
    Ok, ok I admit it I was momentarily distracted by the super gorgeousness of Isaac (which for me is pretty amazing)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hope you had a lovely day today, despite having to not swear! Also sorry to hear about your house, what a nightmare! Am so sorry. How did Noah get on at nursery?

  7. geekymummy Says:

    Have fun. You are all gorgeous and amazing!

  8. april Says:

    Awww... I want to live in the UK damn it - so many lovely people come from there :( Hope day was brilliant :)