I don't even remember how it happened. Making awesome connections with new people. Maybe it started with the blogging? Like, way back in the early days, when I started this on my own, just documenting my pregnancy with Noah. Maybe it was twitter? Where I suddenly made even more new friends?

Everything took a fantastically awesome turn this week. In fact, things have been turning for a while, what with meeting up with porridgebrain and BumblingTweets in the last two weeks...that was pretty awesome and very much blew me away. Why have I not met these lovely people before? Where have they been all this time?

I was trundling along, thinking this was all very lovely, and how nice it was that I'd met a couple of lovely people. And then this week, something happened that I never, ever thought would happen.

I met up with a group of other ladies and their kiddos, whom I had never seen before in my life, took Isaac with me, and had a bloody fantastic time. To the point where I got home, and have been in a weird kind of happy trance ever since.

As per my previous post, I was right in that I was stupidly nervous. I'd picked up porridgebrain from the station, and was eternally glad to have her with me meeting everyone else for the first time, but still, I was pretty much crapping it.

They're all so...so...confident? Amazing? Popular? They seem so organized, on the ball, grown-up. Their kids are gorgeous, incredibly well behaved and they all bonded with each other pretty much immediately. I realised when I got home, they are ALL like the sort of girls you want to join up with in high school; you know, that group of girls that are somehow amazingly popular and have all the cool stuff and are really nice without even trying. And you kind of feel like the one who is a fool every time you open your mouth. Or look up. Or, uh, breathe.

I was gutted I wasn't able to get any photos; I had Isaac in the Baby Bjorn and he was getting quite irate (starving, it seemed, and I suspect those bastard teeth are driving him nuts), as per usual I'd opted to carry a pointless mountain of stuff and I'd forgotten to bring the small camera bag. *sigh* There are some great pics on their sites though!! (Omg, intimidated by their photography skills much?!?!?)

I won't go on about it all, but I'll say that I had a fucking awesome time with cake, bacon, corned beef sandwiches and damn cool little people.

Oh, and of course, Bumbling Tweets, Jo Beaufoix, Muddy No Sugar, porridgebrain, Rosie Scribble, and of course Tara Cain. Who IS gorgeous and amazing. They ALL are!

Hope we do it again soon...
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2 Responses
  1. Jo Beaufoix Says:

    Ahhh hon you are gorgeous and funny and so cool and extremely blumming hawt. We had a brilliant time and your little dude was actually pretty chilled to say he was teething. I got oic of him just watching the others and pondering. He looks very deep. :D

    And can I just say, me at school = very shy and kind of geeky with embarrassing hair.

    Loved meeting you and everybody else. It did get pretty comfy pretty quick didn't it? And we're definitely up for doing it again. x

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing? Popular? Organised? On the ball? You're funny. I think we were all as nervous as you. I know I was. It was an amazing day, the best I've had in years and years. I still can't get over how good it was. I'm normally indoors on the computer all day, so this wa the exact opposite. It was so lovely to meet you. I think the whole thing has changed my outlook on life hugely. Let's do it again xx