Yes it's another gallery post, from The Mrs Tara Cain (and yes, it's THE Mrs, not just Mrs, because, you know, it's Tara. Yeah) and this week's theme is "Outside My Front Door".

I had NO IDEA what to do for this one, since directly outside my front door is my car, hubs' car, more cars and then some houses. And often, some kick-ass sunrises.

Although it looks nice in the snow too.

So I took a very short walk down the road to the end of my close, and quite liked this.

And then I looked up and realised I'm lucky enough to live a ridiculously short walking distance from wildlife and countryside.

And more wildlife and countryside.

Of course, having a short driving distance to several town centres and a major city is pretty cool.

You can find wildlife there, too.

9 Responses
  1. Ha ha, there's no mistaking you live near Birmingham with that bull!
    Love the horse picture just beautiful. Sometimes it does take an exercise like this to realise just how lovely our surroundings are x

  2. That horse looks so pensive! Felt a little bit homesick when I saw that Bull (I was brought up in Stafford). Your sunrise is beautiful, it is one of the many benefits of motherhood that we get to see them! (Let's not mention the feeling that apart from the milkman it can feel like you are the ONLY person awake at that time of the day!)

  3. Mari Says:

    Doesn't the snow give the street a peaceful feel to it? :)

  4. Kat Says:

    Beautiful pictures as usual :)

  5. Livi Says:

    Oh I love horses! They're so strong and beautiful!

  6. great pictures. how lovely to be able to walk to countryfied places...

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Brilliant! Great photos!

  8. Emma Says:

    Fantastic photos! As usual - You really are a brilliant photographer! *hires you for my family snaps!!

    I'm loving that sunrise pic!! :D x

  9. Thank you all! :) I gotta say I love the sunrise too, partly because it reminds me of getting up with Isaac, and it was taken straight from my iPhone :D For a few weeks we were getting the best sunrises from our bedroom window - fab. x