The Secret Post Club
I decided to take part in Heather's Secret Post Club idea, which quite honestly, is just genius. You get assigned a name, twitter id, post address and a little info about the person. What's cool is you don't know who's mailing to you. Or what they're going to mail you. Basically, like Secret Santa, only it's every month.

My sender was the lovely Geriatric Mummy, who sent me a gorgeous smelling bath oil and a jar of organic hand cream. She's a fully qualified qualified aromatherapist, reflexologist, indian head massage and reiki practitioner, so she's very clued up on natural oils and all things that smell delicious like that.

Here's what she says about what she sent:

In the aluminium bottle is dispersing bath oil. It has a base of Almond Oil which is very nutritious and moisturising for the skin. It is scented with Rose Otto and Sweet Orange essential oils...

In the blue jar is an organic hand cream, again scented with Rose Otto and Sweet Orange essential oils. The cream contains Aloe Vera, White Camellia Oil, Sunflower Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil and is, I think, just gorgeous :)

I chose Rose Otto oil as it is the oil that best represents love and femininity. It's a relaxing, nurturing oil that nourishes and supports our emotional wellbeing. Sweet Orange eases tension and frustration, disperses irritability and enhances joy and positivity. From one mummy to another I thought these oils would serve you very well.

And she's right, they smell damn near DIVINE. And how amazingly thoughtful to think through a choice of oils that might work best for me? I'm feeling quite spoilt I have to say.

What's even more cool, is it was a gift that kept on giving. GM had wrapped them in tissue paper, making for some very nice photos, and the chance for me to play around some more with my macro lens.

Turns out I wasn't the only one who wanted to play. Unbeknown to me and Geriatric Mummy, it turns out Noah has a thing for bubble wrap. The boy sat still and popped for over half an hour.

Thank you so much Geriatric Mummy and thank you to Heather for the brilliant idea!!!!! xxxxx
9 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don't you just love popping bubble wrap!!

    A lovely pressie to have received.

    CJ xx

  2. TheMadHouse Says:

    Oh my those photo's of Noah he lokes devine, so happy.

    Oh I have experianced at first hand the joy of Geriatric Mummy, she is so, so clever and we miss her healing hands now we are at the other end of the country. She leep Maxi's echma at bay as a baby and helped to introduce calm back in to Mini's life with a calming sniff stick and role on.

    Enjoy, light some cadles, lock the door and relax, lucky lady you

  3. I'm so pleased you like it, and hope you enjoy as much when you come to use them :) And very pleased that the bubble wrap was such a hit ;o)x

  4. That is such a lovely present... And I don't blame Noah at all... I'd have been right there with him popping to my heart's content!

    I've joined up for the Secret Post Club but I was too late for this month so April will see my SPC cherry being well and truly popped... Although I am slightly nervous that that standard of everyone's gifts seems to be incredibly high! A lot to live up to.

    Enjoy your pressie - you'll be smelling all gorgeous for weeks to come! x

  5. That's a lovely gift, and a free toy, what a bonus.

    I'm still waiting for mine... bloody spanish postal system. Mind you I did only send my own off today....*whistles*

  6. mommaruth Says:


    I love those pictures of the boy! :) He's so HANDSOME (and he's getting so BIG)

  7. Heather Says:

    half an hour you say? Ummm, must get me some of that! You pressie sounds gorgeous!

  8. Thanks for your kind comments everyone. I am VERY lucky indeed, especially as D offers foot massages sometimes; I think I'm about to be very pampered!!

    Thanks again to Geriatric Mummy and of course, Heather (Notes From Lapland) for the fantastic idea!

    And yes Heather, no word of a lie. Over half an hour. He stopped once only to yell at Timmy Time on the TV. Awesome.

  9. Audrey Says:

    What a wonderful gift! My 18 year old still likes to play with bubble wrap. I don't think boys out grow that :)