I just knew I'd get sucked into this. That Tara Cain woman over at Sticky Fingers with her damn good idea of The Gallery which I'm now frigging sucked in to, and I defy myself not to post but I post anyway. DAMN YOU AND YOUR WILLFUL WAYS.

I had no idea about this one. She said this week's theme is "Me". So I'm all "who the hell am I? I have no idea. What do people know about me? An awful lot. I don't hide much of me from people, I tell it like it is rarely giving a rats ass, and yet there's still that vulnerable side which I try not to display too often."

So then I thought, "how the hell can I show 'ME', as above?" Needless to say, I skated past the ideas of boobs and ass (and feet) because Tara would kick my ass. But then I thought, "but you know what? That's ME. I kinda just put it all out there. I put the stuff out there that not everyone wants to see or hear. It's exactly me. I make you stop, have a think and look again."

So I did.

(Click the pic to see the rest of my "Month of Me" on flickr)
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27 Responses
  1. TheMadHouse Says:

    What a brill image, it is retrained, but so beautiful at the same time

  2. notSupermum Says:

    That's a really beautiful photo of a really beautiful woman. Gorgeous! You won't be catching me doing it anytime soon though....

  3. Cassandra Says:

    I LOVE this. Its really beautiful, YOU are beautiful :) xxx

  4. Margaret Says:

    Such a lovely photo!

  5. Hayley Says:

    What a wonderful photo! I reckon that will be the highlight of the gallery this week!

  6. Beth Says:

    Wow, what a lovely photo. :)

  7. Strike a light, you've really made me stop in my tracks!
    Because the most striking thing I see in this photo is your vulnerability and that despite putting 'the stuff out there that not everyone wants to see or hear' you really just need a big hug.
    Fabulous photo my friend. It's you down to the ground x

  8. Josie Says:

    I love this photo of you.

    Tara's right. You may have put it all out there, but this is the picture to me where you look most vulnerable, raw and beautiful, most you.

    Love you lady x

  9. wow - that is a wonderful photo - so raw and so intimate and so sensitive - wow

  10. MrsW Says:

    That's really beautiful.

    Wish I could still get my leg up that high .


  11. MrsW Says:

    ... and now I return from Flickr and have to say I absolutely LOVE the 6th February :) Utterly fabbullus.

  12. Barbara Says:

    Wow, what an amazing picture.

  13. This is simply beautiful.

    MD xx

  14. Compelled to comment - what a great image! :)

  15. Simply stunning. A very beautiful photo!

  16. Really a stunning photo. Elegance, grace, strength and vulnerability. I love it, best 'me' photo I've seen so far. x

  17. Louise Says:


    this is a stunning picture.

    Well done you for posting it!

    You look beautiful

  18. Livi Says:

    That is such a strong photo. You look so strong and yet so vulnerable it's fascinating. Absolutely amazing.

  19. Sam Says:

    Wow! You can't show much more of the 'real you' than like that! Brave, real & beautiful missis x

  20. Lorna Byrne Says:

    That picture IS beauty. YOU are beauty. And yes I'm deliberately using the word 'beauty' instead of 'beautiful'. Don't know why, just how I feel. You go girl xx

  21. You are a wonderful, brilliant and beautiful person as this picture shows so well!!

  22. What I see is a beautiful, strong woman who isn't afraid to put it all out there but who is also working at keeping it in and holding together.

  23. I'm off to Flickr but not in the odd pervy way that I realise that sounds. This is a beautiful raw image - I'm sure to be able to find you at BlogHer now! xx

  24. jumblyMummy Says:

    what a stunning photo.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I've been following you on Twitter for a while now. You're loud, you're fun, you swear a lot and you have no fear. I haven't come back to you yet as I don't 'know' you
    This photo is the opposite, you are thoughtful, quiet, vulnerable and beautiful.
    Off to check out the others on flickr now

  26. Peabee72 Says:

    This is SUCH a beautiful image Jay, so personal but it retains a real edge of mystery. I love the month of as well...the portraits are gorgeous but I think the pavement shot is my fave :)


  27. Rachael Says:

    That is just breathtaking.

    I don't want to just say I love it, because that sounds trite and empty. The picture speaks volumes in its simplicity and beauty.

    You are beautiful.