I'm shit at poetry. But I was set a bit of a challenge this weekend, and in all honesty, I quite enjoyed it. It sure as hell showed me why I'll never be a writer, but still.

I thought it wasn't too bad.

Presenting, my special words, dedicated to Sam at Keep Calm & Eat Cake.

Ode To Bacon

Oh Bacon! Dear Bacon!
This ode, it is for you.
A chance for one to claim a love
For you, so strong and true.
Your tastiness, one must confess!
For you? I'd join a queue.

Oh Bacon! Dear Bacon!
You are substance divine.
So crispy and yet stringy too,
Oh yes! God bless the swine.
A fry-up any time of day
With you just tastes divine.

Oh Bacon! Dear Bacon!
How could one live without thee?
Even veggies would convert,
You influence so greatly.
You hold a place in all men's hearts,
A place, deserved, so rightly.

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2 Responses
  1. april Says:

    Oh dear - I bet poor Francis thought it was for him - that was too too good hon very amusing :)

  2. Josie Says:

    I love this.

    One day I will tell you the story of how KFC (coupled with pregnancy hormones) made me quit my vegetarian lifestyle.

    My first bacon sandwich after many years actually made me cry it was that good.