Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 36+3 days
Month: 9
Trimester: 3
Fetus Age: 35 weeks
Time to Go: 25 days. Heh.
Size: Big enough to make regular people crap themselves.
Time til ANOTHER Growth Scan: 6 days

Ok, so I understand there are a few questions and situations that remain unanswered. And so, here are the results.

House viewings: Not interested at this stage. I didn't understand when the feedback was that the property was just too small. Which begs the question, why, having read the details on the web/brochure, did you come and view it, and also go round commenting on how huge the rooms were? Or...maybe you're a member of the Dumbass League? Awesome.

Noah: He doesn't have an ear infection (even though he's constantly rubbing his ears and wincing), and therefore one of the few explanations for his fantastic behaviour lately is indeed puberty. Or the fact that he somehow knows something is really up in this house (like the colossal fact that he's about to have a brother or sister).

And on that note, we've decided it's a boy. Not because of any scans. Not because of gut feeling. Not even because we straight out asked the Doc to tell us. Nope, it's because tonight, in the bath, Noah took it upon himself to say "brother". Always on cue, whenever prompted. Do you think he would say "sister"? Helllll nope. Wouldn't even make a sound. But every time, "brother" came out, crystal clear. Hell, I can't even get the kid to say mama or dada, and the closest we get to any word at the mo is "oof oof" (which of course, is a dog barking. Plenty in terms of sign language though, so we're sill happy).

TV Fantasies: I do have a thing for Nigel Barker and Gordon Ramsay. I have no idea why.*

SPD: Crutches suck. They do not work. I still waddle around most places, though I seem to have had a little respite lately. The fun comes when I roll over in bed and there's an almighty "cracking" sound that comes from my crotch. Somewhat surreal, I think. Usually followed by me falling to the floor and wondering if I'll make it to the bathroom without making a mess. SO cool.

T.O.O.: (cos I know you're all eagerly awaiting the news, on the edge of your seats, right? Right? Thought so.) Well you know all that stress and crap and god knows what else that I went through last week? Yeah...it would appear we needn't have worried. Yes! Actual! Good! News! T.O.O. is currently cephalic, and had been that way for a good 24 hours (including when AMW palpated yesterday and by the way did I mention she's awesome?), fluid levels and the whole polyhydramnios thing is actually FINE and we are NOT in a danger zone, and whilst they still think it's big (of course), there are no major concerns, and some of the MWs don't think it's even as big as Noah. As of this moment, right now, I am actually physically exhausted with sheer relief. 

So what does this mean? Well I have one more appt with a consultant next Friday (which was OUR choice, they actually said we didn't have to if we didn't want to) and a final growth scan on Thursday, though the Consultant has said he won't be overly bothered by the results unless they show something drastic. Sooooo...

DEFINITELY no C/S as long as it stays cephalic. No induction unless I get to 54 weeks or I go batshit, whichever happens first (feel free to place a bet). And once I've met with the Consultant on Friday, we may, note, MAY be able to discuss the possibility of trying again for a home birth.

I'm too scared to even consider the very idea at the moment, things seem to be going frighteningly well.

* I realise this was never actually a raised issue, but sometimes it's good to get things off your chest...right? **
** I also quite like Alan Shore in Boston Legal, but I can't confess to too much in one go, it'll just blow your minds.
2 Responses
  1. Cassandra Says:

    One word.... *WOOT*!!!!
    Ok, so not really a word, but soooo pleased for you so it seemed apt :D

    Also, in terms of Noah's iteresting first word - are you sure he hasnt just been around Jules? Cus Jules was determined his first words would be somthing 'street'. He's probably just trying to be cool... ;)

    And finally - Love ya :D
    hjbb xxx

  2. Kelly Says:

    ooooooo...that's all really cool! I'm so happy for you. I can imagine HOW relieved you are.

    Cliff totally predicted a sister before she was even conceived. I swear. and Noah totally knows what's up. I'm sure he's anxious. I mean, yes, he's a baby. But we are animals, we humans. And we do come equipped with instincts. your large belly and other stuff (hell for all we know Noah would be able to tell you what day you'll go into labor based on how you smell. LOL Ok maaaaaybe that is gross. But anyway, he can't talk and we are rather retarded animals so...)
    are telling him that something is happening but he can't articulate his anxiety and excitement.

    I am so glad about the c/s.

    also, I think you have an obligation to society as a whole to have that baby pretty soon. I mean, its not really ethical to go around causing "regular people to crap themselves". That's like a public threat of some kind.

    and I agree with you about simon cowell and gordon ramsey. But I don't really have raging hormones as an excuse so it may be *me* who has some serious issues here.

    Imagine either one of them as a birth coach!!

    Gordon: what the bloody hell was that? you call that a f*&#ing PUSH? Push it out you moron!!!

    Simon: I agree, I'm not sure that's going to be good enough.

    Gordon: OH GOD! What is that?! the bloody head is coming out!!

    Paula: well what did you think was going to happen??

    Gordon: OH GOD! bloody hell! I'm going to throw up my perfect risotto!

    Randy: Yo dawg! whats up babeeee?

    Paula: oh you both look beautiful and I thought you did a wonderful job

    Simon: *droll* well, if I'm being totally honest with you, I thought the screaming was a little over done...and the cry was little pitchy. I'm just saying...

    Gordon: can we get someone to clean up this F&@#ing mess!? idiots!

    Yes, I have indeed lost what was left of my mind. you're welcome.

    love ya!