Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 33+0 days (like, shit me, 7 weeks to go. And COUNTING.)
Month: 8
Trimester: 3
Fetus Age: 31 weeks
Time to Go: 49 days
Size: Who knows? Normal? Ant? Peanut? ...table?
Time til Growth Scan: 16 days

Noah clearly got wind of T.O.O. preparing to make it's escape, shoving it's head and hands on my bladder forcing me to do pelvic floors and reminding me to go pee. Great.

Noah got out his cot again this morning. He hit the floor, and when I walked in, he was just sat in front of the radiator behind the curtain, deciding which dummy to use. Ok, not so bad. It was 6:30am ish, so obviously I gave him his connoisseur assortment of dummies and put him back in. He fussed for a while, went quiet, and I made that mistake of assuming he'd gone to sleep.

Which clearly wasn't the case because at 7:40 ish there was an almighty sickening thud and then just pure screams; the kind where you wonder if they're going to take a breath in between yells.

I half ran, half hobbled in (do you know how much you ignore pain when your kiddo is screaming? It's an amazing thing, and I'm just starting to understand it), to find him wedged between the head of his cot and the wall, head firmly rammed against the radiator. He was completely stuck, and very upset.

It sounds harsh, but I made him stand up on his own (I needed to know he was ok because I simply didn't have the first clue what to check for) and he seemed ok. Unfortunately, as I scooped him up and tried my damned hardest not to cry with him, I noticed a fantastically huge bump on his head. Thankfully he was un-phased, but sweet Jesus it was a bump, and quickly starting to bruise. Thank God it didn't get any worse, and was much better by tonight. And to be fair, by this evening, he was running around like a crazy lunatic kiddo, quite possibly on speed. I'm hoping he didn't frazzle some circuits.

So...we now face the fun fact that we're going to have to teach a 14 month old to stay in his bed at night. Cos bwahahhahahah!! Yeah that's just gonna be hilarious. I don't see what else we can do; there isn't anything left in his cot that he can use as leverage, he clearly has methods, and is training to be some sort of escape artist assassin ninja kid.

Yeah I can see that conversation now.

Me: Now Noah, mummy and daddy have taken the side off your cot because you keep climbing out.

Noah: Uh.

D: So now you have to stay in your bed, and not climb out.


Me: And you must stay in your bed until the morning, and not stand at your doorway screaming like a banshee.

N: AHHHHH! 'oof 'oof...

Seriously. Cos it's gonna work so well. Loads of people suggested "crib covers" - we're yet to find one that Noah wouldn't/couldn't pull off in a heartbeat. We've taken the bumpers down so he can't use them to climb. D says he's walked in and found him with one leg cocked up the side of the cot, clearly preparing his escape. Much like he does in the bath.

He's still ultra cute though; he now does animal noises - meows like a cat, woofs like a dog, does a quacking gesture for duck, roars like a lion and moos like a cow. Plus he's addicted to his burpee when he's ready for cuddles; for a kid so crazy, rough-and-tumble insane, he is the cutest when he shoves his burpee against his ear and throws himself at you for cuddles. At least I'm padded enough to be reassured he won't sustain further injuries.

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  1. Young Momma Says:

    LOL The joys of kiddos and being a momma, huh?? Good luck with the bed thing. We didn't even try it with either until they were 18 months and then we put a baby gate so they couldn't get anywhere but into our room and baby proofed the heck outta it!!! lol