Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 34+2 days
Month: 9 It concerns me this figure will change to say "10" at some point.
Trimester: 3
Fetus Age: 32 weeks
Time to Go: 40 days fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck...
Size: long enough to get stuck trying to go from breech to cephalic (head down). Ouch. Awesome.
Time til Growth Scan: 8 days

New midwife (let's call her AMW cos she's pretty awesome). Met today, and yep, she's pretty damn cool. Advised of how They might try to sway me from home birth at scan next week, wrote down all my concerns in my notes, and gave me a case to argue.

Measured baby, says she can't see why there should be any problems.

And then...well...

Well, then she booked my next appointment with her for 36 weeks and said she'd be bringing all the home birth stuff. I was all..

Me: Isn't that a bit early? Cos you know, can't have home birth til like, 38 weeks..

AMW: Nope it's 37 weeks. Not long now!!

Me: Uh...

Yup. 37 weeks is in 3 weeks time people. And apart from inflating the pool to see if it has holes in it, do you think we've done anything? ANYTHING?

Well, we have a changing table (not set up), some large newborn clothes, and uh, ummm...
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  1. Young Momma Says:

    LOL! Get ready girl!!! ;) I know the feeling. My first bean came at 36 weeks! WHAT?! I had NOTHING. lol