Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 36+2 days
Month: 9
Trimester: 3. I wonder if they'll invent a 4th.
Fetus Age: 34 weeks
Time to Go: 26 days, if it gets it's way.
Size: Apparently, abnormally giant-size, maybe like a sasquatch.
Time til NEXT Growth Scan: 1 day

Yes, I've been avoiding blogging, and it's purely for selfish reasons. The whole C/S thing. It bothers me. And I'm allowed to be bothered. So I guess you could say I've been sulking. That's fine. I admit that, I can deal with that. Besides, I'm maxed out on hormones, I'm a girl, I feel shit, so yeah. I'm allowed to sulk.

Sunday night, I got T.O.O. to turn cephalic. Awesome! Just by lying on my back, kind very reclined, making myself feel sick but you know, you do these things. Right? And so yeah! It's been head down ALL WEEK!! Hell to the yeah!! All set for midwife appointment today - BRING ON THE TRUMPETS!


Lat night, while I felt like crap eating dinner, I realised that it had suddenly flipped breech again. So I went to bed feeling shit beyond belief, lying awkward to turn it back. It worked. AWESOME! Breech again this morning.

My patience may not have been tested as much as this before. I am going batshit. I may have flipped it again this morning (if this thing isn't violently sick in my womb it'll be a miracle), but I'm almost too tired to fight much more. Yes I know they can keep flipping until labour starts, I'm fully aware, but what I really don't want is the "C" word being bandied around at my appointments. Right there is far more stress than I can deal with.

And to add to the joys of the end of pregnancy and all it's lovely quirks, Noah. Ahhhhhh Noah.

While I wasn't looking, someone appears to have taken my lovely crazy kiddo, and swapped him for some one who could only be associated with the spawn of Satan.

Daily tantrums. Throwing whatever is in reach. Doing his best to ignore whoever is trying to speak to him. Cutting his nap time gradually shorter (his ONE and ONLY nap). Hitting in the face (anyone within reach). Now, I don't know at what point I seem to have eliminated all discipline and let him run wild rampage on anyone and anything. But seriously. Who is this kid? He's not mine. Ok yeah, he comes to me for cuddles in the afternoon. And that's the time when I get a glimmer of my Kiddo.

D and I had speculated waaayyyy back how the hell we were going to deal with this, because we kind of saw it coming. Noah being so big and strong willed, strong in physicality and in mind, and frustrated quickly and easily. Unfortunately, we didn't see it coming at only 14/15 months.

Sideswiped? Oh yes.

I would love to see the SuperNanny deal with this. Our Nanny is having a ball.
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  1. Kelly Says:

    oh yeah, its the "sibling coming" phase. I swear.

    hang in there.