Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 33+4 days, so I should consider getting baby stuff ready I guess.
Month: 8
Trimester: 3
Fetus Age: 32 weeks
Time to Go: 45 days
Size: I reserve comment.
Time til Growth Scan: 13 days

TWO HOUSE VIEWINGS THIS WEEKEND!!! Needless to say we've been running around like headless chickens trying to tidy everything up (that's been, uh, fun..) and SuperNanny blitzed downstairs which was pretty impressive. One viewing out the way today, one more tomorrow, PLEASE GOD let the lovely people get into a bidding war over our house and make an obscenely high offer.

Noah's face is looking a little better:

We're thrilled to bits that his bruise spread down between his eye and nose, and is currently an interesting shade of greeny-yellow. Teamed with F.O.F., he looks a treat, yes?!

T.O.O. is on fine form, rib kicks enough to not only wake me up, but also prompt me to go pee, feel sick and then not get any more sleep for the rest of the night until Noah wakes up at 6am threatening to lunge himself out the cot again. But these Braxton Hicks are starting to drive me loopy. I can't believe how strong and regular they are, but they're great fun when I'm out and about and one happens. I pull a face, clutch my crotch, and everyone around me shits themselves. I guess it's pretty funny to be honest.

I gotta get some fun out of this.

We're half hoping this one comes early, I think we're all a bit sick of this pregnancy unfortunately. At the same time, coming early would be so sooooo bad, given that we are so NOT prepared. I'm still trying to comprehend the very possibility of another Noah. Obviously I adore the Kiddo but dear God in heaven if D and I have another one like him, we are so very, very screwed. In the nicest possible way though, you know?
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  1. Kelly Says:

    one thing I can tell you for certain, whether you have TOO in the hospital or at home, he/she WILL come faster. Those regular braxtons will one day, just as you lose home that TOO will ever exit, turn into real contractions and you'll find yourself timing them at the carwash. No wait, that is MY story.
    =) but I bet yours will be similar. So do not dawdle when the contractions are 10 min apart DO something.

    as to personality...I don't have any good news for you. LOL I think Noah must be the most entertaining and smart little guy so you're very blessed. However, Amanda is a clone of Cliff in many ways. She talks less and later, eats better, sleeps better, and is faaaaar more dramatic and strong tempered. And cliff is THE strong willed child so...oh shit.

    Watch, if you have a girl you will know what I mean within a few weeks of her birth. The drama is instant, I swear. LOL

    I love your commentary on the size of the baby.

    hang in there. someday you'll be able to hold your urine. =)