Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 28+6 days
Month: 7
Trimester: 3
Fetus Age: 27 weeks
Heartbeat: Awesome
Time to Go: 77 days
Size: NORMAL!!! (-ish)

I'm still 30, and I'm LOVING. IT. I've actually had a great couple of days, it's been such a laugh. D has really treated me to lots of stuff (including a new camera) and Noah has perked up so much he's been hilarious. I love them both so much.

I'm soooo not stressed about being 30; maybe because I've achieved goals that I wanted to achieve. Not by a certain age or anything, but I know I've got stuff to show for the last 30 years. Cool by me!

And so today we had the 4d scan for T.O.O. We obviously didn't find out the gender (and Mme. Sonographer #5 wouldn't tell us as soon as we initially said we didn't want to know. I didn't cave. I may have suggested writing it down and putting it in an envelope...). But oooooooooooh my god do we have another cutie on our hands! This one is much more poutier than Noah was in his 4d scan, and has the longest fingers I have ever seen. And it kept waving it's hands in it's face and wrinkling it's nose with cute expressions. And (yes, I'm gushing) it kept doing the most GORGEOUS thing where it snuggles against the cord or uterus wall like I'm some king sized snuggly lovey taggie blanket ommmggzzzz the cutenesssss!!!1!!1!!!!!!!!!!1!!!

"MA!! I AM MEATY BABY!! I present to you,
BEEFCAKE BICEP!!!!! ...let the nomming commence."

Contender for ANTM (with an attitude pout to wipe
the smile off anyone's face.*)

"Mmmmmmm lovin this placenta cushion thingy."

Did I mention the fingers?

This is obviously going in T.O.O. portfolio, ready for years
of baby modelling and making us lots of money.

And of course, the size measurements! Yes hmm. It's looking, uh, ah, interesting? Everything is measuring "perfect" she said, and then told us that it's all roughly 70th to 85th centile. So uh, yeah, you know, normal (for me maybe?). Actually I was more concerned by the fact that the head was huge, and that I'm going to give birth to a lollipop baby. It's only common sense telling me at this stage that I know the rest of the body plays "catch up" (hah!! Won't that be great).

She also said it probably weighs around 3lbs 2oz at the mo. Most of the stuff I read and hear about say average at this stage is 2lbs 7oz -ish. But that's ok. I'm not panicking. In fact, I know there are a number of things that can still come in to play here.

1) Growth could/will/maybe/might/possibly/hopefully(?) slow down in the next few weeks and towards the end.

2) There's a huge margin for error in scans. You know, like maybe a 2 million % either way, you know?

3) I still have my GTT tomorrow, which could flag up diabetes, depending on whether I devour another 4 chocolate eclairs (thanks D), the rest of my birthday coffee cake (thanks MIL), yet more Cherry Coke (thanks Tesco) and the rest of my birthday chocolates (thanks K and R, you guys rock). There's a CHANCE that this test could be negative. Right?

4) The slight concern that I have hydro...hydramo...wait a sec -

- oh yeah, polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid), and then Mme Son. #5 mentioned something about an infection and diabetes, and something about testing but never seeing a test come back positive, so that's another reason not to worry, right?

And, perhaps I should pay more attention to these things. So I guess it's additional tests tomorrow morning. Huzzah! **

* I hasten to add we do not know the gender, but since ANTM lately seems to be taking on male as well as female models, we see there shouldn't be any problems forcing our little one down the catwalk. ASAP. ***

** I truly am not worried, as I know what will be, will be (I'm still obviously going to try to push the button though, if I can of course). I am however, very interested to hear your views on the subject? Many thanks...

*** I think it's a girl. What do you guys think?
3 Responses
  1. Cass Says:

    OMG!!!! Thats seriously amazing!!! WOW!!! And more WOW!!!
    And dont know if its a boy or girl but either way its DEFINITELY a pianist in the making!!! :D
    Definitely gonna need lessons with Auntie Cassie, lol!!! :D :D

  2. A Says:

    Love the pics.

    Hey, I made a google group for the jan. 08 moms. i'm trying to get people notified on FF, but I'm getting into trouble! They keep threatening to ban me. Suckers. Anyway, this is the link: http://groups.google.com/group/january-hot-moms?hl=en

    i think if you click on it, you can send an email and then i can add you. also, if you twitter or have any FB friends that are part of the jan. 08 group, send them the link too!

    i totally think its a girl . . .

  3. Kelly Says:

    I have been reading your blog newest first so I asked what kind of camera you got in another post. I got an canon too for my bday! I got the sx110IS. they look similar. doesn't it rock? have you taken a pic of yourself yet? that was bad for me. me in high res=ohmygod I AM 36 and I DO look like my german grandmother godblessher and holy shit that's just bad.
    those pixels are not my friend.