Due Date: 01/03/2008
Week: 34+1 days
Month: 8
Trimester: 3
Fetus Age: 32 weeks
Fetal Heartbeat: 138 bpm
Size: 33 cm
Time to Go: 41 days


So I remembered about blogging. Cos it's been...roughly...

Umpteen billion years. There's good reason though!

No, wait, there isn't. I got tired. I got bored. I got lazy. I got faaarrrrrrr too depressed...

So let me see if I remember how this works. I write stuff, aaaaannnd...that's pretty much it. So now I need to catch up on the last umpteen months. Well christ I don't know if I can do that...I can gloss over stuff though! Let's see.

DPA - they finally suspended me after me trying to work at R as a classroom assistant. It nearly killed me and I ended up going for emergency physio. Yeh that was fun.

Sciatica - not so bad at the minute, but I also have SPD to go with it. Ahhh it's so much fun! Kinda like being kicked in the crotch with steel-toe hub-capped boots. Repeatedly. It's a laugh a minute!

The House: Phase 1 (Bathroom) - Oh my god we've had no bathroom for the last month. MONTH. The lovely G&M next door gave me their spare key so I could use their loo. I may have died a hideous death otherwise. But it's starting to look great now. It's just a shame that Mr Builder likes to show up when he thinks it's appropriate (like this morning when the sink and shower could be fitted and there's NO FREAKING SIGN of him). Mr Tiler has done a fab job though, I'm quite pleased. Just sink, shower, grout and floor to go in then it's complete. Pretty straightforward, huh?


The House: Phase 2 (Nursery) - it's lovely. I love it. Only, I can barely get in there because at the moment all Mocha's stuff is stacked in the crib until I feel happy enough to sort it out. Or, eg, until the frigging bathoom is done and I feel safe in my own goddamn home again (I do NOT like having the fucking toilet and sink stored in the bedroom, thank you very much Mr Builder. That's a sure-fire way of turning me into crazy psycho preggo woman.)

The House: Phase 3 (Home Birth) - yes you read correctly. Whether it will happen is a different matter as everyone seems to be against it (well, anyone in the medical profession. "SPD!" "First time mum!" "We're too scared!!". DH is actually really keen on the idea. The birth unit at BWH is horrible. Hospital is a hospital no matter how much you dress it up. The idea of giving birth at home is one of the best ideas we've had this pregnancy. I hope to god it happens. And of course, I'll kick ass on the way if someone says no.

Me - I'm ok. I have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction and my nose bleeds weekly when I throw up. I live on banana milk and salt. But you know what? I'm good. Actually, I'm great. And why?

Mocha - Oh my god I love this child so much and it's not even born yet. I haven't even seen it. Well, we kind of have, at a 4d scan:

Ohhhhhh my god how cute is this child?

I am totally NOT biased. At all. Seriously.