Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 30+2 days
Month: 8
Trimester: 3
Fetus Age: 28 weeks
Time to Go: Dunno. Someone go check for me. I'm too scared to look.
Size: About this long.

Guess where I am. Bet you can't guess.

Here's a clue, it's my favourite place EVAH. *sarcasm*

Another clue? Ok, I so want to have all my babies in THIS PLACE.

One more clue? Hmmm..ok my arms are bleeding from being stabbed with needles of varying sizes.

Give up?


I'm in hospital. And I'm not even in the luxury of a delivery suite. Nooooooo no! I'm on the labour ward, because last night I had major Braxton Hicks for an hour, and then spotting this morning. What's really bizarre is that I wasn't freaking out, and called the midwives this morning just to let them know what was going on. There was no answer so left a message.

Then I got sick of being housebound (I haven't driven for a week) and decided to go to the shops with Noah for a little bit. Thick ice everywhere, car wouldn't start, battery dead. Which meant I had to call the AA. And you all KNOW how I feel about the Minions of the AA.

*phone rings*

Man: Hello, Miss L? Yeah I'm from the AA, trying to find your house but I don't know where you are and I don't know where I'm going. What's your postcode again?

Me: Uh...what the fuck?

So that was a GREAT start to this morning. I was due to go to physio at 3pm, and by lunchtime, even though there hadn't been anymore spotting, I hadn't heard back from the midwives. So being sensible (cos sometimes I am, ya know), I called Labour & Delivery at about 2pm, when D came home to look after Noah.

L&D: Yeah...nah forget physio, you'd better come in.

Me: *debating protesting* Uh ok...will I still get physio?

L&D: Nah, sort out childcare and come straight to L&D.

Me: Oh goodies.

And so the day continued. They hooked me up to a monitor (grievance #1), gave me an internal (grievance #2) and then tried to get a line in (grievance #3). Notice I say "tried". Yes, I have a nice selection of holes in my arms and hands where they tried to get a line in. No joy. So they tried to take bloods instead. STILL no joy. I have 3 holes in my arms and one in each hand. And they're coming back for more.


So it's now 10pm, D has gone home to look after Noah (both of whom I miss like crazy), I'm sat in the labour suite with plasters and bandages all over my arms (their choice, not mine), wondering what the night is going to be like.

Admittedly I'm not so worried at this stage, I'm more concerned about getting some rest (since we all also know about my love of hospitals). They don't *really* know what caused the spotting, and there hasn't been any more since lunchtime. But they want to keep me in for observation.

And now some woman has just walked up to me and said "menu gone?" and then unplugged my laptop. I may not be happy by the morning.
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  1. Young Momma Says:

    I hope you get to go home asap!!! I can't imagine having to stay in hospitals again. And it's so much worse when your pregnant. Can't ever get comfy!