Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 39+4 days
Month: 10
Trimester: 3
Fetus Age: 38 weeks
Time to Go: 4 Days (We'll see. Heh.)
Size: Too big to sneeze out
Time til potential induction: 6 days (yep, you read right)

It's been a bit of a turmoil these last few weeks. I reached breaking point, as most of you clearly saw (for which I would apologise, but I'm not going to be apologetic for being honest.), and there are so only so many different stories you can take from your "Medical Caregivers" (that title always makes me snort).

Thursday's scan showed the fluid had increased. Again. Up from 9.4 to just below 11cm. Heyyyy ain't that just great? Yeaaahh.... What REALLY made me laugh was when we came out of the room, Mme Sonographer asked us to hang around for a few minutes, but didn't say why. Turns out she had to go find a consultant to see if we needed to stay in Labour & Delivery for whatever reason. It's probably just as well she didn't say why before she went; she'd have found me running (walking fast/hobbling/waddling) out to the car park as fast as possible.

Friday's consultant appointment had me on edge. D and I packed the bags in the car, pretty much expecting to not be allowed home for monitoring/internals/inductions/big gaping baby heads emerging everywhere...

Ok maybe not that much, but certainly to be kept in for monitoring. We saw the Consultant who claimed actually I don't have Polyhydramnios but wanted to keep an eye but everything's ok but we should be concerned - Dude! Dude. Like, wtf? Is there any chance the medical profession could agree on something and stop playing mind-fuck games with me?

So his decision was to let me go home (HOORAY!!), confirm that no, I'm no longer vying for a home birth and that there was also no need for an internal or intervention at this stage.

HOWEVER. Of course they're all still bricking themselves about the size of the baby, and so I'm booked in for ANOTHER appointment with them next Friday for an internal and a sweep.

Yummmm!!! YUMMY!!! Doesn't that sound soooo pleasant.

Actually, the very thought makes me feel like I could up-chuck the numerous chocolate bars I just ate (for breakfast. Go ahead, judge. Do I give a gnats ass?)

That's ok, I'm convinced I'll go before then. And you know why?

Because I've POOPED THREE TIMES in the last TWELVE HOURS. No extra Fibresure. No extra fruit. No extra fluids. SHAMONE!! Although, it's now getting to the point where I visit the bathroom and wonder how much time I'll be spending in there. I must get some more reading material. Of course the Poopgate saga continues, and it's not all happy smiles when I emerge from the bathroom. That's ok, I know I can't ask too much.

The other thing that makes me think I won't make it to next Friday is that Mr Consultant says T.O.O. is currently 2/5 engaged. Which means the head has started to make it's way south. Which means that it's very unlikely to turn Breech. Which means that it's FINALLY starting to realise that if it wants to be able to stretch it's legs out with being shouted at and shoved back into place, then there is only one exit to Freedom. Freedom!!! And that is South, baybeeee.

Bring on the pineapples (and the Trumpets!!!)

2 Responses
  1. Jen Says:

    Come on T.O.O!!! Time to come out little baby (ok, large baby) and meet everyone! You be good and don't give your Mum any more problems please.
    Come on Jay!!! Labour vibes are being sent... Puuuuuushhhh that small-car-sized baby out!!!! Go girl!!!!
    Loads and loads of love. Hope T.O.O comes out REALLY soon. With no problems or fuckwits trying out random medical interventions.

  2. Kelly Says:

    I love that you have a category for your blogs for "poop"!!!!

    you're probably right about going before friday. A woman knows these things...!!

    I can't wait!!

    I can't wait until your blog titles refer to the degree of discomfort surrounding your nether region, your nipples, and pooping...the baby's not yours!!

    I say....9lbs10oz, this thursday the 23rd at....mmm....3am or 4am. and I say....I don't have a vibe on your baby gender. I'm a good baby guesser but I've not seen you in person so I only have computer vibes. I think another boy. but my vision is foggy on that one.
    and I think your labor is going to be super fine and you'll wonder why you worried about it. except the food sucks. and the nurses will condescend to you. But the labor will be fine.

    in addition to cupcakes, I intend to set up psychic hotline.

    let me know how I did. =)