Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 40+4 days
Month: 10 (That's some funny shit right there)
Trimester: 3 (or maybe 4, I need to check this...)
Fetus Age: 39 weeks
Time to Go: About 3 years ago
Size: The coffee table
Time til potential induction: 6 days

Ultimatum of the day.

Consultant Mr U: We're obviously very concerned about this polyhydramnios. We would normally induce early on.

Me: But wouldn't that cause more problems?

Mr U: Well quite frankly we can keep an eye on things that way. But you don't want any intervention, is that right?

Me: Well yes...

Mr U: That I can understand. I know you're not happy about things.

Me: Yeah, intervention just freaks me out.

Mr U: Ok well that's fine. The plan is this - you can either have an internal now to see what's happening or you can stay in hospital until you go in to labour.

Me: ...uh...I'll just get undressed now...

And to add insult to injury? There's absolutely NO action AT. ALL. Zip, zilch, nada. Everything closed up and no sign of imminent arrival.*


*I hasten to add, I've been on the raspberry leaf tea for some time, I'm eating pineapples til my mouth disintegrates, I've eaten more than enough spicy food, my crotch hurts for bouncing on the ball and my feet are like boats from walking around so much. And if anyone suggests sex, well, the only sex I'll be having is with a turkey baster, thanks.
2 Responses
  1. Young Momma Says:

    Oh hun. I can't even imagine!!! I ate a TON of pineapple too. I hope your get to see your lil bean ASAP!

  2. Kelly Says:

    sigh. sorry hon. those contractions after your super poop did mean something though I promise.

    so here I go with one of MY stories.
    so with Amanda I had no action either. I was more dilated earlier on with Cliff than amanda and what's all this crap about baby #2 and your body knowing etc...plllfffft.
    no I had nothin. I was a bit effaced but not dilated. at all. I had random braxtons all the time but really random and hardly even noteworthy. My water broke with Cliff so i kind of expected/hoped for the same.

    then one day...at the carwash...I was timing contractions.

    it all just snuck up on me all at once one morning. there was no warning, no pre-emptive nothin'.
    Leading up to that day though, I did have more contractions but they didn't become interesting until the carwash.

    SO, never fear. It still could happen any freakin minute. There doesn't have to be any action down there right now...it could happen right now.

    I love the "assvice" category. that one is for me huh? LOL

    I don't blame you about the sex. never worked for me anyhow.

    I recommend a carwash. its an old German/Scottish/French thing.

    I made myself snort.