Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 40+1 day
Month: 10
Trimester: 3
Fetus Age: 38 weeks
Time to Go: TODAY. Not tomorrow, TODAY.
Size: Bigger than me. Figure that out.
Time til potential induction: 2 days. Meh.

Sooooo....it turns out you REALLY can't predict these things, huh?

Yes here I am, at 40 weeks and still pregnant. I'm now on my 2nd due date (the one that THEY use, even though they're only a day apart). As far as I know, there is NO sign of this one coming any time soon. Sure, I've had ridiculous amounts of BH, I'm all pooped out I think for the first time (in a long time) I can say I'm all empty, I'm restless as hell and pretty much no longer have an appetite.

Most days are spent pacing up and down like some crazy restless woman, trying really hard not to feel sick all the time. I often feel like I'm about to lose my marbles and I've ONLY JUST hit due dates. SHEEESH.

So what happens now? Well AMW is coming this afternoon, where she might actually ask me why I haven't had the baby yet (albeit jokingly...I hope...) and then ask how I feel about Friday's induction.

How do I feel about Friday's induction?

I danno. I don't want an induction and will probably decline. They'll probably want to do a sweep *shudder* because I know they're shitting themselves even more than me about the size of this baby. But my reason for declining is logical from my point of view; if my body isn't yet ready to push out a colossal baby and they started it anyway, would that not lead to more trouble? Do we not see a C-Section on the horizon?

Sure I'm uncomfortable, and appear to have developed Pregnancy Tourettes (randomly screaming "GET OUT" and "NOW, BITCH", accompanied by the odd "DAMN YOU, CROTCH"), and SPD has reached hilarious new heights (current record - 15 minutes to maneuver myself out of bed), and, you know, I have no sanity left, but I have to remember to be very realistic about what my body is about to go through.

Even at this stage I see no point in downing pineapples/curries or even pineapple curries (lmao people, ya'll funny), or indulging in some seriously uncomfortable sex (er yes hi, have you people SEEN me?), and even bouncing on the ball doesn't seem to do much. T.O.O. is (apparently) 2/5 engaged and very rarely lies on my left (like it's supposed to).

Ahw crap, and I thought Noah was defiant, this one is going to be a right little shit, for sure.

Sadly though, I'm prepared for the worst. I'm expecting to go into labour sometime next week, and end up having a section. Just cos, you know, The Law of Sod. which is a real shame. But we'll see.
3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck! I will be thinking of you!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi J. I think I need to try and put your mind at rest about the induction thing. I was diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis with Hannah when I was just over 37 weeks. I went to BWH for blood tests etc. due to itchy hands and feet on the Tuesday and when the results came through they happily informed me that I had been booked in to be induced on Saturday (4 days later!). They 'like to deliver at 38 weeks' as there is a supposed risk of still birth with the condition. So, just as I'd been signed off the consultant as my thyroid was behaving itself, bang went having the baby in the birth centre (next best thing to a home birth which I tried for with Rosie). Shell shocked, I drove home in floods of tears and took quite a bit of calming down. Eventually got to BWH on the Saturday morning and it was quite undignified to start off with, and a bit restrictive at times, as the baby has to be monitored from time to time, but I managed to walk around, rock on the ball, go for a drink, shower etc. etc., without too much hassle. Hannah arrived after 2 hours in established labour (a couple of dozen hours quicker than her sister!). After the initial 'procedure' (not much worse than the midwife checking how far dilated you are) and the odd bit of monitoring, I found that everything was completely natural and I was in control. I hope this puts your mind at rest a little. It's not the best thing that could happen and it scared the sh1t out of me, but the outcome was happy and all worked out for the best. Thinking of you. Stick in there. J xx

  3. Kelly Says:

    I'm ROTF about your pregnancy tourettes..."now bitch" and "damn you, crotch" have me grabbing my ribs. I swear, if I ever write the book I say I'm going to write, "damn you, crotch" is going to be a title of a chapter!!! I might just wander around the house saying it!
    damn you, crotch!
    that's the funniest friggin thing I've ever read!

    love ya!
    hope to hear from you soon.

    p.s. please explain to a yank what the law of sod is. ta!