Obsessed mom #1 "Yeh my baby's 5 weeks old and rolls over all the time!"

Obsessed mom #2 "Ahw that's great! Well my baby is 1 week and already plays with toys!"

Obsessed mom #3 "Lovely! My little baby is 3 hours old and does quadratic equations!*"

Me "Yeh. Great. Noah frowns. A lot. Especially when he's pooping."

You know how you vow to try not to be competitive? Well I didn't see it coming from the other direction. The direction where you wonder whether your baby is disabled in some way because it hasn't moved out, started college and earned enough money to buy it's own house by the time it's 2. (months.)

To me he is obviously great. His feats are that he has this awesome pooping face, which includes a pout as well as a frown. He doesn't roll over but he can lift his head clear off the floor when he's on his front. He laughs, gurgles, coos and often marvels at the sounds he makes. If he's sitting propped up, he'll lift his arms as support and pull his back clear off the cushion to sit up. Unfortunately he obviously can't sit up yet and so topples sideways every time.

So maybe he isn't a Super Baby. I can live with that I think. But at least I know my baby is Super Cute, even when he is pooping.

*Do you remember doing those at school? Wasn't that something like x = -b plus or minus square root of b squared minus 4ac over 2a? What the fuck was that??
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  1. Ashlee Says:

    LMAO at quadratic equations! What was that really?