Well ok that's an exaggeration, but sometimes it feels like it. I am sitting at the pc, in the study, and as I type, with two hands, Noah is feeding. No, D isn’t giving him a bottle, he’s on Left Boob. Hands Free. No nipple condom in sight. Ahw man, it’s just legendary.

Needless to say I’m still pondering the return of my Old Friend, and wondering if it’s going to put in a strong reappearance. So I guess I haven’t championed That Issue yet. I feel a little bad as a friend of mine who goes waaaaaaay back with the same issues gave birth recently and is dealing with her Old Friend. I’m quite paranoid that I haven’t heard from her and I know she’s having a hard time. Thinking back to how I was, I actually wonder what I can do for her. I always felt that nothing helped me and that was frustrating in itself.

D and I ventured out for Valentine’s Day, Nana babysat. We went to our favourite restaurant Simpsons and had the Valentine’s Taster Menu with accompanying wines. I swear my taste buds about died and went to heaven, we hadn’t been there since before Noah.

And to add to that, I’d expressed enough milk and stored it thanks to the joys of Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags which are strongly recommended. Isn’t it ironic that I took out enough milk to last him eight hours and he pretty much slept the whole time…

I met up with the other NCT Antenatal girls last week and felt surprisingly intimidated – they’re all looking gorgeous and skinny, I swear they could be the nicest WAGS you’d ever met, and they ARE so lovely. We’re meeting again tomorrow, and I’m hoping to lose about 20lbs by then. Hmmmm.

Noah, of course, is a champion too. He has bad wind which is hilarious but not when he grunts all night. Infacol is a lifesaver. But he is a legend. In his own, many special ways.

(Cue string of pictures...)