Our good friend the Health Visitor came yesterday to deal with Noah etc. She did the usual exclamations -

"Oh My GOD you're not putting him on his belly to play are you?"

"I hope you're not carrying him around in that sling too often?"

"Don't let him try to stand up too often, it's bad for him you know..."

In my mind my fist meets her jaw and Noah gurgles. In reality I smile and nod dumbly and Noah pees on her scales.

Speaking of scales, last week Noah weighed in at 11lbs 15oz. It wasn't fab but we weren't complaining. Then apparently Noah got wind of the notion of putting on 7oz per week. So he decided to do that and play catch up. So this week he weighs 12lbs 13oz. Nearly a pound gain. Gotta admit, had to smirk to myself.