Ok. So, uh, it's February. And I'm still fighting working on January's YOR. It's slow, but I never expected anything overnight, or even in a month. BUT, I'm still working on the website, playing with widgets, trying to get my camera out more often, and learning as much as I can.

My latest Photography Phun is "A Month of Me", whereby I take a self portrait every day for the month of February. I was inspired by a sexy-ass twitter buddy, who is doing 365, which is FAR more inspiring, and I'd jump on that bandwagon if I wasn't 31 days too late.

Anyway! Unfortunately after having removed most bodily fluids from every possible orifice, the second picture looks remarkably shit (there was no way I was going to smile), but still, I'm determined to keep going. Especially if it means I have to take at least one pic every day.

So what's on the cards for February YOR? It's a doozy. Absolute GENIUS.

For February?


My resolution, is...

to be...



Like, HOT.

Like, HAWT. And not hot as in wear more jumpers and sweat excessively every day.

No, no, no.

Ok, let's break this down. Every year, someone out there makes the resolution to lose weight/be more healthy/improve their figure blah blah blah.

I? Cannot be arsed with diets. I do not diet. The end. I may exercise on occasion. Which is often followed by a large meal. And sometimes chocolate. And maybe alcohol. This isn't to say that I'm going to give up the good stuff, because I'm not. I'm not even going to set myself up for that because it would be a sheer miracle if I lasted a week.

And so, I plan to learn to love what I am on the outside, in the small hope that I can enjoy the inside a little more. Which means that there may be a few more subtle changes in the things I blog. Things that are sex related (omfg she just said s-e-x in her blog no fucking way she's a w-h-o-r-e), things that are pervy (omg did she just say perve, she's gonna hit on all of us) and hopefully things that reflect a lot more confidence, especially in my physical self (oh see now she just turned into a cocky shit).

I know this sounds like a really, REALLY stupid resolution. In fact, it is. I don't deny that. At. All. Like, how the fuck can a person be hot? I have no idea. But what I DO know is that I've really let myself go over the last two years. My excuse? Being a mom. I've lived in craptastic nursing bras and nursing tops for two years, the average colour of my knicker collection is black, the majority of them are big enough to cover most of Scotland (with no lace in sight), my face is often "can you tell I just got out of bed" and more often than not, it's a good week if I have more than three showers.

True story.

My sex life sucks, and needs a serious revamp. Which I am (we are) already working on, and I'm expecting not only to actually have sex, but indulge in places outside of the bedroom. Which would be lovely, especially as Isaac STILL lives in our room (would someone please just hurry up and buy our fucking house already?). And also? Positions. And outfits. And toys.

To be honest, I feel really bad, since I lost all sex drive after having Noah. An 11lb baby will do that to you. Add another 11lb baby less than two years later, and you're pretty much fucked.

Or...uh, not.

I need to make sure I look good, to help me FEEL good. I may not look hot, and I won't appeal to all, but as long as I appeal to the right people (me, hubs, friends, random hot people), then that's all I give a shit about.

Oh, and sorry, but the colourful language is here to stay.

9 Responses

  1. april Says:

    Brilliant - seriously - my babies are 8 and 10 and I have those underpants *blush* Its a fantastic idea - both the monthly resolution (may have to pinch that , if thats ok, all credit due of course) and the actual being hotter - Keep us updated? I'd love to know how to do it - I assume it has something to do with actually brushing my hair and not wearing large baggy clothes, but am not 100% sure - it was all so long ago, and I've only very occasionally felt 'hot'....Love your blog - stupid google bookmarks lost it - new I was missing one :)Glad I remembered and found again.

  2. Thanks april! I *will* keep you all posted, this is one I've had planned for quite some time. And yeah, I think it might include hair, and um, having a shower, and uh, clothes that fit...and um...I'll figure out the rest.

    Glad you found me again ;o)

  3. Your photography is lovely but you don't look very relaxed. You need to be comfortable with the camera and at ease with it to get the most out of it. It's really positive that you're getting back into it as it will inspire you and make you feel like you are living, and actively taking part in life.

    As for the resolutions, good idea! I think you're more likely to be successful if you work on the inside and outside simultaneously, rather than just focus on the one area. That way you cover everything and will feel more whole. And at least you are ready to fix things, it doesn't have to relate to a certain time of year, and it's never too late to make changes.

    Oh and the colourful language should stay, it suits you :)

  4. Hi Verity Vaudeville! I'm not aiming to get anything in the pics of me so far, apart from to reflect who/what I am. Incidentally, it's been anything but relaxed around here lately...!! Also worth reading back through the blog posts; I'm actually a photography beginner ;o)

    YOR is inspired by Secondhand Tryptophan (http://secondhandkarl.com/), he gets all the credit. :o)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You're already hot! (*Shameless flattery*). Getting hotter = bonus.

    I like this YOR idea too: so far so good. January was: keep in touch with family more especially on facebook; Feb: be more productive, with work + blogs.

    I like Karl's blog too, thanks

  6. Heheh thank you Drolgerg ;o) I'm not so sure about "Getting hotter", but I can work on it!

    Karl's idea for YOR is brilliant; I would work on stuff anyway, but it's much more manageable in monthly bite size chunks, right?

    Although, sometimes I wonder if I'll be drowning by July...!!!

  7. Tracey Says:

    Believe me - nursing bras have come a long way since the white nylon we were forced to ednure in the 1990's :-)