On Wednesday, Noah turned two. Like, TWO years old. As in, he's been around TWO WHOLE YEARS.

I won't talk much about it, because we'd all be here forever, but to the rescue, comes a semi-narrated photo essay of his day.

Enjoy. :o)

Wearing his damn awesome Thomas the Tank Engine pyjamas (and with what I think might be porridge smeared all over his eyebrows) he began opening presents.

See the cute? Yes.

And of course, he had to make random noises down the phone to Nana.

He ripped open cards with joy...

And enjoyed new toys with ridiculous excitement.

The next day the festivities continued, and he enjoyed birthday cake. And crazy faces blowing out the candles.

And he enjoyed eating it. Even though he'd maxed out on fruit and pushed a chunk of cake away (FUCK YEAH!!! That's my fruit and breadstick eating toddler).

I made the cake.

Of course I didn't fucking make the cake. Yes HI. Nana brought it round for us.

And no, Isaac didn't get any. I don't think he minded.

And in case you're wondering, he started here.
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3 Responses
  1. Ashlee Says:

    You are killing me! I was amazed that you made that cake... then I scrolled down. lmao!

  2. Cassandra Says:

    I LOVE your boys, they are THE CUTEST. EVER. And I miss them. And you. Lots. See you all veeerrrrry soon I hope! xxxxxxx

  3. mommaruth Says:

    When I saw that cake, I was thinking "wow, I didn't know Jay was such a baker!"

    And then I was just all "Dammit, Jay. You fooled me again."