I got tagged recently, by Laura over at Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy. I don't often get tagged (ever) but I was quite flattered to be tagged for this one.

Now, as someone who's taken, like, a cajillion pictures over the last year alone, this felt near impossible. But on reflection, there's one picture that stands out for me an awful lot (at this point it's one picture, I suspect by the time I get to the end there may be more).

A fantastic company by the name of Olli and Lime do some GORGEOUS baby bits 'n' pieces; bedding, bibs, towels - all those accessories that you wish were matching but had a nice bit of "sass" to them, rather than traditional stuff.

I LOVE their stuff.

So when I got a changing mat and towel for Isaac, I couldn't help but snap some pics. And I have to say, this picture ALWAYS makes me smile.

Isaac very rarely laughs out loud, especially hysterically, but on this picture (and all the other ones I took at the same time) he was laughing like a crazy wild child. I also love this picture because it was one of the first to really inspire me to take a change in my direction in life, very much for the better.

It was pic snapped in less than a heartbeat, and somehow has changed an awful lot of my life in the last few months.

And if I could cheat and upload SEVERAL favourite photos, then I'd REALLY cheat and choose a COLLECTION of photos of Noah, leading up to his first birthday, every one of which is a favourite (turn your speakers on)...

4 Responses
  1. Pippa Says:

    That is such a great photo! You can see the huge smiles in his eyes and ahh just a cutie!

    And the video! Some of my fave songs ever and the photos are just fantastic. I love the one of your bump and the one where you are just looking at Noah towards the start. Beautiful.

  2. Just gorgeous! All of them.


  3. I'll forgive you for cheating (1 photo allowed) because that is a gorgeous picture. His whole character right there in that smile. Lovely.
    Totally not being swayed by the photo gallery, oh hang on - oh look at him with food all over his face - no no no, not being swayed.
    Thanks for playing along. Will add you to the gallery x
    (pic of him emerging from the present = munchable

  4. What a gorgeous collection of photos. You must be so proud he looks adorable!x