Like most babies, Isaac makes noises. Cute gurgling noises. He also makes parping noises. (You know, bottom noises.) Sometimes he'll laugh and coo.

And sometimes (and by sometimes I mean quite often) he'll make, uh, this noise.

He'll do it for hours, and then when his voice gives up, he'll slap the crap out of anything nearby, or grab it and eat it.

The cat has spent an awful lot of time hiding.
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3 Responses
  1. Bushra Says:

    isaac looks like he's having lotsa fun though. nothing like a cutesy baby voice is there? my boy does something similar but more like a growl and evil laugh combined.

  2. mommaruth Says:

    SO CUTE :) He's a little devil, already!!! And I love that you're watching Nemo! My little one loves that movie because they keep saying "Sydney! Sydney! Sydney!" over and over - she thinks it was made for her!

  3. Sarcastica Says:

    He is so adorable! Hehe Nolan makes weird noises too, I've yet to catch it on film though :( he's crafty that little bugger ;)