You know what? This happened today.

Some kid, who incidentally had previously been on Wife Swap, managed to steal two fucking hours of my life by making the world think he was stuck in a helium balloon, which his storm chasing parents had MADE and tethered to the garden (already, wtf?), which was then seen to be flying some 60 miles away from his home in Colorado. And apparently, it was his brother who saw him climb in.

The balloon came down nearly two fucking hours later, and there was no sign of the kid. Where was he?

Hiding in the attic of his family garage at his home.

TWO. FUCKING. HOURS people. No one thought to look at home. Hell, people didn't think to start looking at the ground until they realised the balloon was empty. And they only thought he was in the balloon based on his brother's word.

Sweet shit on pepper stick. I may not believe in spanking, but if I found him? It's quite possible he may have been spanked into next year or yelled at until his ass exploded.

And even more annoying? Isaac barfed on the DVD remote a few days ago and it hasn't worked since. Noah did the same thing with D's phone last year; it stopped working.

Cost to replace phone? £Free.

Cost to replace remote? £30+.

I swear, we need to get Isaac a phone.
5 Responses
  1. A Says:

    hey lady.

    i usually read your blog from my google reader account, but i had to actually visit your blog so i could leave a comment on this post. i laughed my ass off.

    i felt the same way you did! i COULD NOT believe he wasn't in that stupid, stupid balloon! and why, oh why, did his parents feel the need to manufacture a big, silver balloon in the first place, and then leave it tethered in the backyard in the second place? HELLO.

    AND, i cannot believe they took the older brother's word that he saw the kid climb in. i STILL don't believe my brother, and he's 30. whatev.

    anyway, loved your post. just know that me, your far-away-friend was totally irritated too.


    ps: love the new blog!

  2. Bushra Says:

    ha! okay, i have to admit i too got caught up in the frenzy, but after that balloon came down and the kid wasn't in it, i was sure something was iffy and went to sleep.

    personally, in that scenario, i'm blaming the parents. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/8310121.stm

  3. Mandy Says:

    Wasn't that something? I stayed tuned to the TV and online while at working trying to find out what was going on. Flipping out because this poor little kid was high up in the air! I think it's a stunt to get people to watch that show. What kind of people are they anyways? If I found out that's the case, I won't watch that show ever again. (And I think that is a funny show! I love when people fight! LOL)

  4. Kelly Says:

    awesome post. my fave: "sweet shit on a pepper stick". so gonna use that!!!

    yeah I don't get that whole balloon boy shit either.

  5. Anonymous Says:

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