I'm on a major downer. One of those "Woe is me, I'm the worst mother EVAH and everyone thinks I'm shit at my job and my children hate me and I don't know how to deal with them and wah wah frigging WAH."

I dunno where it's come from. Maybe I'm just tired. SO very, very tired. Yes I'm on holiday, I appreciate that, but it doesn't matter where the hell you are, you're always a mum, you're always doing your job. I'm not saying PND. I'm still fighting that, every waking day. But I know I'm not happy with myself right now.

And so, instead of whining about it all and going on and on, and then have all you lovely internetz peeps leave lovely messages and the like, and tell me to stop being so fucking ridiculous and to just get the hell over myself, I have chosen to indulge you with copious amounts of my obviously gorgeous children on holiday.

There may be duplicates. But you know, sometimes just seeing the picture once isn't enough.

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  1. mommaruth Says:

    Absolute adorable-ness :D you have the cutest boys that side of the pond!!!

  2. Kelly Says:

    cute. and I've been down lately too.

    where are you on holiday?

  3. Bushra Says:

    check him out in his wetsuit! looks like you had fun?

    and i'm so with you on the downers, i'm not saying PND either but have you thought that it might be PMDD (see http://www.fitsugar.com/655898) ? i can't put my finger on what i think is wrong with me and why, and i'd get round to getting checked out if i had the time :-P

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