We all have the Hiny Flu. We are all officially off our trotters. We sure as hell aren't makin' bacon, but -

Ok enough piggy jokes. Noah woke up yesterday with a fantastic fever, having been coughing since sometime last week (I dunno when, the last few months are a blur these days) and doing the Facial Orifice Fluid for a while now (which, occasionally is a beautiful shade of green). Meal times are awesome, whereby he survives the day on a few blueberries, a grape or two, maybe a breadstick, and the milk from his cereal bowl. Sometimes. All that, accompanied with non-stop woe-is-me whining, makes me think something is obviously not right.

So yesterday, Mrs Nanny got sent home, D got sent home (both because of government policies blah blah blah) and I spent the day looking after poorly sick children. Isaac's nose is streaming, but since he's mastered the fake cough, lord only knows if he has a real cough/sore throat (mommy fail). Besides, he's far too busy hoiking himself up on all fours and rocking backwards and forwards, much like Noah did at the EXACT SAME AGE right before he omg CRAWLED.*

I dunno if it really is swine flu, but either way, we're going bubonic plague style and now have a red cross on the door.

Actually there is no big red cross, but it would certainly be a surefire (and FUN) way to shit shit the neighbours up, right?

*I gloss over this mainly because I can't yet accept the fact that mah bayyybeeee!! *SOB* Mah baybee is all big an growed up!! *SNIFFLE*
2 Responses
  1. Kat Says:

    Oh No!! The Piglet? That stinks. Hope the boys feel better soon!

  2. Jen Says:

    Sorry your boys are poorly. Hope you don't catch it, and that they get well VERY soon. (They need to be better over half term so we can visit!)
    Lots of love. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx