Both boys are ill. The amount of F.O.F. in this house is verging on ridiculous. Noah coughs all night. All. Freaking. Night. I wake up, on the hour, every hour, and hear him coughing. And what can I do? Shit all. Nada. Nothing. He's had cough medicines, inhalers, plug-in vapor thingies, vicks, rum, vodka, weed and whatever else I could think of.

Isaac has this fantastic stringy, gloopy, sticky snot that seems to be never ending, and causes him to barf up ANYTHING that enters is gut. Carrot and banana mixed with snot. *barf* Lamb and sweet potato mixed with snot. *barf* Momma's Ultimate Finest First-Thing-In-The-Morning Boob Juice. *barf*

Nothing is working. Ok Noah's nose was a little less runny today, but the coughing, oh my GOD the coughing is ARRRGGGHHHH.

Of course, it's not that I'm pissed off with hearing it (although obviously I am) it's just that I'm so sick of them being sick. I miss my chirpy little guys who DON'T have a constant stream down their faces.

And I swear, if Isaac goes the same way with the coughing, I may have to become a scientist. Overnight. And find the ultimate cure for the common cold.

Which could totally happen.
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  1. mommaruth Says:

    You gave your baby rum AND weed? I knew I loved you.